Chris Greco

Chris Greco

Instrument: Woodwinds | Location: Kansas City

Greco plays with amazing fluidity and elan, several instruments, and in his compositions he has the superb ability to paint soundscapes. He's from L.A., and brilliant.
—Max Babi

Updated: July 19, 2021

Born: July 19, 1959

Endorsing artist: Selmer Paris saxophones, Gonzalez reeds, Silverstein Works Pro Team

Award-winning composer and performer Chris Greco has followed a path in music of discovery and accumulation. He has composed and performed a broad and diverse range of jazz music, classical chamber, and concert hall music. He draws from the music traditions of the past and the present within the worlds of jazz, non-western music, twentieth century music, American popular music, and the classical repertoire.

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist Greco's development was shaped in Los Angeles. Guided by a broad approach and a searching curiosity, Greco explored a variety of jazz styles, groups, and changing instrumental formats; duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, and large ensembles. He was a significant contributor to the mainstream, modern/post-modern, and mixed-genre jazz culture of Los Angeles in the 80’s and 90’s. The three recording projects on gwsfourwinds records from the 90’s represent his broad view, and the multi-stylistic directions he explored with jazz-based music.

Recognition for his work includes: UO - Music Competition 2021 Semi-Finalist “Mid-City Funk” Video / Jazz Chris Greco Group, International Song Competition 2017 Semi-Finalist Jazz Composition “Rains and Prayers,” International Song Competition 2014 Finalist / Honorable Mention Jazz Composition “The Open Door,” ASCAPlus Awards 2002-2013 concert music and popular music, Trane Of Thought 2013 CD - CMJ Top 50 Jazz Albums 2013, Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2013 Finalist Jazz Composition “Oliver,” International Song Competition 2013 Semi-Finalist Jazz Composition “Oliver,” Hollywood Music in Media Award “Best Jazz” Award 2012 “Maia,” International Song Competition 2012 Semi-Finalist Jazz Composition “Messages,” Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2011 Finalist Jazz Composition “Merope.”

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Chris Greco-Standards, Vol. 1: “This one is definitely a winner for jazz lovers. A totally excellent jazz listen with some of the highest energy I've heard in 2014! A MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” Improvijazzation Nation Issue 148, 10/20/2014.

“Standards, Vol. 1, y'all, is the sort of crazy, too hip, freaky, whoa- listen-to- THAT, jazz-plus material that got me so hip to Dave Liebman, Paul Motian, and other world class hipsters back when I was discovering not only ECM but also Brubeck, Miles, Weather Report, and all the rest of the cats who still have my brain jangled....Greco interprets classic jazz numbers in a way that makes you think he wrote 'em, and he grabs straight-ahead by the throat, jumps on its back and makes it dance, which is EXACTLY what ears like mine are forever athirst for.” FAME Review, Mark S

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Primary Instrument



Kansas City


D.M.A., Performance (UCLA)
M.A., Music Composition
B.A., Music

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Christopher J. Greco, DMA
Professor of Music
Benedictine College
1020 N. Second Street
Atchison, KS 66002
Office (913) 360-7599
E-mail: [email protected]

Courses Taught
Music theory, coordinator
Music composition, coordinator
Seminar in Composition
Studio Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone)
Chamber music
History of Jazz (summer online)

Clinic/Workshop Information

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From: Standards, Vol. 1
By Chris Greco

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