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Yulia Musayelyan

Yulia Musayelyan is a flutist and composer born in Moscow, Russia, now based in the US. A versatile performer in classical and jazz idioms, she is the founder of the YM Quartet, Macayú Trio, Tango Meets Jazz project, and New Music Collective, dedicated to the performance of new original chamber music. Yulia has toured the US, UK, Europe, Central and South America with various musical projects. A recipient of the 2001 NFAA Award, she was a soloist with TACTUS Contemporary Ensemble in 2005 with guest conductor maestro Pierre Boulez. Her chamber works have been premiered at Symphony Space in New York City and featured in the 2006 film Natalie Bonn


Hilary Noble

Hilary Noble is woodwind player, Afro-Latin percussionist, composer and music educator living in the Boston area. He has performed all over the U.S, Europe, and in Puerto Rico. His music has been played on radio stations internationally and featured prominently on local programs such as WGBH’s “Eric in the Evening”, on which he has performed live with his band Enclave. In 2008 Enclave received a grant from Chamber Music America to compose an Afro-Cuban jazz suite: the resulting work was premiered live on WGBH and at the Jazz Gallery in New York City. Artists Hilary Noble has played and recorded with include Bobby Sanabria’s Ascención, Esperanza Spalding, John Santos, Ray Vega, Chris Washburne, Charles Neville, Bo Diddley, Eric Krasno, Entrain, Max Creek, Bob Moses, Robin Kenyatta, Clifford Thornton, and Alvin Queen.


ShanJam Crane

Who is ShanJam Crane? (musically) Musician Pages: Shan Jam Crane
 Wild Flute Jam The Wild Banchees Shan Jam Crane & The Wild Banchees Personal Page ShanJamCrane ShanJamCrane hosts “Songwriters Showcase” at Pho Cao in Scottsdale on the Second and Fourth Wednesdays each month from 7-10pm, featuring 3 or 4 guest performer stages, flowed by her band, The Wild Banchees

Sean Grace

Sean Grace's playing has been described as "eloquent, supple and evocative ... sometimes gentle, at all times sophisticated, and always exuberant". His warm, sensuous tone and breathless technique redefine the flute in contemporary jazz and instrumental pop. Born on Long Island, New York to Irish immigrant parents and the youngest of eight, Grace demonstrated a unique musical talent at a young age. By the age of 7, he was already accomplished on both the Irish tin whistle and baroque recorder and was composing songs on piano and organ. He got his first flute at age 8, performed at Carnegie Hall at 11 and entered the Juilliard School pre-college program on scholarship at 12


Ben Zahler

Fascinated by the Piccolos of the Basel carnival, Ben Zahler picked up the flute at the age of eight. Yet, before he could switch to the Piccolo, he dived down into the world of Jazz clubs and never looked back. After attaining his “Master of Arts” at the Swiss Jazz School Bern with Andy Scherrer, Bert Joris and Günter Wehinger, he toured with his Band aloft (among others with Nadja Stoller and Stefan Rusconi) and recorded his first album “We do” (TCB 26802). Other notable records include the “Paul Klee” record by the Swiss Jazz Orchestra directed by Jim McNeely. In the past years, Ben Zahler has been an active member of the Basel Jazz Scene, performing with various bands and also supporting the scene by organizing jam sessions and concerts


MarieVeronique Bourque

Marie-Véronique Bourque is a jazz flutist and songwriter originally from Quebec City who currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. Classically trained, she has performed with groups of various musical genres (jazz, classical, cabaret, blues, baroque, world music, folk and traditional). Her diverse background has allowed her to develop a unique style characterized by a rich sound, developed technique and palpable sensitivity. First hired by the RCMP Band in 1992, Marie-Véronique pursued a police career for 25 years in parallel to her musical career following the dismantling of the group in 1993


Kofi Burbridge

Seventeen years ago, Kofi Burbridge moved to Atlanta to record an album. He's still waiting to finish it, but he hasn't exactly been sitting around. Kofi is that rarest of musicians - the combination virtuoso keyboard player/flautist. If he hasn't always known where he was headed, the path is his own, and he has traveled it his way. The journey started in the Bronx, NY, where Kofi was born on September 22, 1961 to William and Carol Burbridge. They moved to Washington, DC two years later, and Oteil Burbridge was born there in 1964. Sisters Leilani and Adero followed in 1968 and 1971. The boys made their musical talents obvious from an early age - Kofi's perfect pitch was discovered when he was six, and he began taking flute lessons

Yuka Kido

Yuka Kido
Japanese flutist and composer active in many international scenes such as Japan, Belgium, Brazil and more. Ms. Kido has various albums as a leader as well as collaborator with others in musical styles of Brazilian, Salsa, Jazz, Rock etc. One of her albums was ranked the top 8 in Italy. She has performed in Brazil with well known artists of Bossa Nova and other Brazilian music scenes, including Joyce Moreno, Johnny Alf, João Donato, Carlos Lyra, Toninho Horta and many more.  She has also performed and recorded with one of the most important Danish jazz bassists, Niels Pedersen, as well as jazz pianist Duke Jordan and famous Japanese singer Kazufumi Miyazawa. Ms


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