Friedrich Kunzmann

German-American based in Vienna, Austria.

About Me

Born and raised in Frankfurt by a Stones-loving German father and an American Beatlemaniac mother I fast became a music enthusiast for sure. In the course of the years and during my various studies I was lucky enough to have lived in Tokyo, Paris and Avignon for longer periods of time. These city's definitely still feel like a bunch of jazz to me, as does Vienna, the city in which I currently reside. I'm in the midst of finishing my degree in musicology, whilst enjoying the vast local musical landscape. Jazz is my passion and the guitar my vehicle.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2018-02-01

Jazz came pretty late to me. I was always crazy about music but only got to know the jazz side of things when I was about 18 and even then I only scratched the surface of a vast and untamable universe. Since I had made the jump coming from progressive-rock, my first jazz groups were strongly fusion natured. Return To Forever, Pat Metheny or Mahavishnu Orchestra were at the centre of my universe until finally the rest started to make sense as well. Not growing up listening to jazz in the very least really made it an intriguing ride to get in to. And boy has it been one worth taking ever since!

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