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Songbook Watch Party with Host Dominick Farinacci


The Soul Jazz Guitar of Montgomery, Burrell and Green (1960 - 1965)

Russell Perry By

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Hard bop created a comfortable setting for a suite of great blues-influenced guitar players who led the way toward soul jazz. Several of these players were from the mid-west -Wes Montgomery from Indianapolis, Grant Green from St. Louis and Detroit's Kenny Burrell. The next three hours of Jazz at 100 will present music from the 1960s that combined the heavy beat and blues-influenced phrasing of R&B with the harmonic discoveries of bebop to create a style loosely called Soul Jazz, starting with these guitar players.


  • Host Intro 0:00
  • Wes Montgomery Quartet "West Coast Blues" from The Incredible Jazz Guitar (Riverside) 3:39
  • Nat Adderley Sextet "Work Song" from Work Song (Riverside) 10:59
  • Host speaks 15:12
  • Wes Montgomery with Oliver Nelson Orchestra "Twisted Blues" from The Norton Jazz Collection (Norton) 16:20
  • Host speaks 20:34
  • Grant Green Quartet plus Ike Quebec "My One and Only Love" from Born To Be Blue (Blue Note) 23:09
  • Grant Green Quartet plus Ike Quebec "If I Should Lose You" from Born To Be Blue (Blue Note) 28:57
  • Host speaks 34:59
  • Kenny Burrell -Coleman Hawkins Quintet "I Thought About You" from Bluesy Burrell (Moodsville) 37:10
  • Kenny Burrell -Coleman Hawkins Quintet "Montono Blues" from Bluesy Burrell (Moodsville) 41:48
  • Host speaks 46:32
  • Kenny Burrell solo "Soul Lament" from Midnight Blue (Blue Note) 48:15
  • Kenny Burrell Quintet "Midnight Blue" from Midnight Blue (Blue Note) 50:54
  • Host Outro 54:51


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