Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (1966 - 1969)

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As hard bop was running out of steam and rock & roll was becoming the music of choice for the younger audience, many musicians were building on the innovations of Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor and John Coltrane, creating a new approach to jazz—Free Jazz (after Coleman's 1960 release of the same name) or, simply, the avant-garde. For solidarity in the face of limited venues for performance and indifferent audiences, creative musicians in Chicago banded together to found the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians or AACM in 1965. Early music from AACM in this hour of Jazz at 100.


  • Host Intro 0:00
  • Roscoe Mitchell Sextet. "Ornette" from Sound (Delmark) 4:18
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago "Solo" from 1967-68 (Nessa) 9:45
  • Host speaks 15:14
  • Joseph Jarman Sextet "Adam's Rib" from Song For (Delmark) 16:34
  • Host speaks 22:24
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago "Old" from 1967-68 (Nessa) 24:40
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago "Carefree (take 3)" from 1967-68 (Nessa) 32:33
  • Host speaks 35:08
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago "Get In Line" from A Jackson In Your House (BYG) 35:53
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago "Dexterity" from Message to Our Folks (BYG) 41:30
  • Host speaks 45:30
  • Anthony Braxton "To artist Murray De Pillars" from For Alto (Delmark) 48:14
  • Anthony Braxton "To pianist Cecil Taylor" from For Alto (Delmark) 52:30
  • Host Outro 57:17


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