Anne Mette Iversen: Invincible Nimbus

Mike Jurkovic By

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Given the sometimes Euro-chamber sounding approach to Denmark's Berlin-based bassist/composer Anne Mette Iversen's thoroughly interactive music, when she wants to have some fun, the music moves more to the freedom swing of Charles Mingus and the rhythmic conjurings of Dave Holland. This is heard most enjoyably on her dynamic second disc, Invincible Nimbus.

Mingus walks in early on the lead-off, "Polychromatic Pictures," a twisting, tempo-defying runaround of high register solos bursting from the inventive teaming of trombonist Geoffroy de Masure and alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard, who then reverse course to play alongside the popping 6/8 tempo laid out by Iversen and drummer Roland Schneider. The Ternion Quartet keeps it straight on the snappy follow-up "Within A Diapason." Without a pianist in sight, the quartet continues its graceful, chord-less flight with the sauntering, bluesy fugues that give "The Invincible Nimbus of Mystery" subtle and shadowy overtones.

Three shorter themes, "Ghost Words 1," Ghost Words 2," and "Ghost Words 3" offer up that moody, chamber feel, distinguishing between the more loping grooves and looping counterpoints of the longer pieces. Iversen is a player to watch and listen for and, like Holland, her lines drop in, out, skitter, pogo, pop, bop, hip-hop, tighten, stretch, lead, bounce back and follow, keeping her bandmates ever on their toes—as highlighted by the quirky uneven dance beyond the equations that spirits "Dig Your Heels In," the interlocking rhythms of "Four Snakes," and the jogging propulsion of "Ionian Steps." With their assured elasticity, Eberhard, De Masure, and Schneider are flexible, dextrous telepaths, ever keen to Iverson's conversational whims and wants, making Invincible Nimbus a true ensemble adventure into a new avant-garde accessible to one and all.

Track Listing

Polychromatic Pictures; Within a Diapason; The Invincible Nimbus of Mystery; Ghost World 1; Dig Your Heels In; Four Snakes; Ghost World 3; The Rose Window; Ionian Steps; Ghost World 2.


Anne Mette Iversen: acoustic bass; Silke Eberhard: alto saxophone; Geoffroy De Masure: trombone; Roland Schneider: drums.

Album information

Title: Invincible Nimbus | Year Released: 2019 | Record Label: Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records



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