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Ahmad Jamal: Emerald City Nights: Live at The Penthouse, 1966-1968

Read "Emerald City Nights: Live at The Penthouse, 1966-1968" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

It was a time of warring nations, either within themselves or without. John Coltrane had fallen as Miles Davis was firing up the jazz/funk. It was a time of young men screaming, their bodies on fire. Black and white images of villages savaged and children starving. Into these unrivaled moments--they had just taken down ...


Article: Album Review

The Dave Brubeck Quartet: The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live From The Northwest, 1959

Read "The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live From The Northwest, 1959" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Like Elemental Music's previously unheard Bill Evans' set, Tales: Live in Copenhagen (1964), The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live From The Northwest, 1959 may not hold the historical weight of other posthumous Brubeck releases, but it certainly displays the effortless virtuosity and invention the quartet brought to every gig, large or small, far and wide and in-between.


Article: Album Review

Lisa Hilton: Coincidental Moment

Read "Coincidental Moment" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

As good as Coincidental Moment is, there is an uncharacteristic sense of sameness infused in many of these bossa blues. As she notes in the liners, lauded and long-trusted pianist Lisa Hilton intended the music to illuminate the cool energies and history of jazz while relating to these hair-shirt times in which we find ...


Article: Album Review

Søren Bebe Trio: Here Now

Read "Here Now" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Here Now, pianist Søren Bebe's seventh outing with his long time bassist Kasper Tagel and new-to-the-fold drummer Knut Finsrud, is one of those recordings one wants to keep in the travel bag or glove compartment when the day, like a runaway train, starts to pull away. Calling upon the sage wisdom of classicists like ...


Article: Album Review

Kristina Barta: Endless Questions and Answers

Read "Endless Questions and Answers" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Czech pianist/composer Kristina Barta's Endless Questions and Answers opens on a rather ominous tone. Drummer Marek Urbánek plays on his toms a shadowy, esoteric rhythm. Tenor Jure Pukl flares in. Barta enters slowly, barely audible with bassist Peter Korman riding shotgun. But soon she controls the barely controllable rush that embodies “Breaking Through Some Border," the ...


Article: Album Review

Ivo Perelman: Seven Skies Orchestra

Read "Seven Skies Orchestra" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

In another reality, where the love one makes is what gets the headlines, the big money, the streaming specials, ceaselessly inquisitive saxophonist and downtown legend Ivo Perelman might just top the list of good guys. The guy who pushes for the better mind, the better heart, and confesses it all to tape or lacquer or binary ...


Article: Album Review

Rich Halley: Fire Within

Read "Fire Within" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

The name of free form saxophonist and raconteur Rich Halley may not roll off the tongue or be a secret G7 password, but he sure kicks up a lot of dust. Put him in the same room as piano slaying Matthew Shipp, bassist Michael Bisio, and drummer Newman Taylor Baker and rest assured all hell will ...


Article: Album Review

Bill Evans: Tales: Live in Copenhagen (1964)

Read "Tales: Live in Copenhagen (1964)" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Maybe it is and maybe it isn't as historical in scope as some of the previous ten archival Bill Evans releases from that master of jazz discovery, Zev Feldman, and Evans' estate, but Tales: Live in Copenhagen (1964) is sure fire proof you got nothing but the best on any given night at any given gig ...


Article: Album Review

Shuteen Erdenebaatar: Rising Sun

Read "Rising Sun" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

It is most invigorating and affirming to stand witness to new talent. New givers of themselves despite the cold, gale-force headwinds that rise up against most, if not all, artistic endeavors. Fortunately, Rising Sun, the more than mature and compelling Motema Music debut of pianist/composer Shuteen Erdenebaatar and her award-winning quartet, is one of those statements. ...


Article: Reassessing

The Electric Years Box Set

Read "The Electric Years Box Set" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

In a year that has brought us a true bounty of previously unheard majesty including Evenings at the Village Gate: John Coltrane with Eric Dolphy (Impulse!), and Bill Evans; Treasures: Solo, Trio & Orchestra Recordings from Denmark (1965-1969), (Elemental Music) it is only fitting that Miles Davis get his due. And in a very, very big ...


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