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My Conversation with Tom Harrell

Read "My Conversation with Tom Harrell" reviewed by AAJ Staff

We rummaged through our extensive pre-database archive and discovered a May 1999 interview with Tom Harrell, who celebrated his 75th birthday this past week. We published two other interviews with Tom: November 2003 and May 2009. AAJ: Do you recall when you were first exposed to jazz? TH: Well, I was fortunate that my parents had a really great library of music, of all kinds of music, including jazz. I was exposed at a really young ...


Radio & Podcasts

Trumpet Master Tom Harrell: Mainstream Melodocist

Read "Trumpet Master Tom Harrell: Mainstream Melodocist" reviewed by Russell Perry

Tom Harrell has been an active musician for over 50 years. After stints with a wide range of prominent bands including those of Horace Silver, Lee Konitz and George Russell, he came to maturity with the Phil Woods Quintet from 1983-1989. For the past three decades he has released a series of discs on roughly an annual basis that are consistently well-received. In 2018 he was the Jazz Journalists Association Trumpeter of the Year. In this next hour of Jazz ...


In Pictures

Tom Harrell at the Blue Note in Milan

Read "Tom Harrell at the Blue Note in Milan" reviewed by Roberto Cifarelli


Live Review

Tom Harrell and TRIP

Read "Tom Harrell and TRIP" reviewed by Patricia Myers

Paris Jazz Diary 2015: Trumpeter Tom Harrell and TRIP Duc des Lombards Nous N'Irons Pas a New York Festival Paris, France July 17, 2015 The amazing and intriguing trumpeter Tom Harrell performed a program of nuanced creativity that stirred and expressed emotion, rather than displaying technique. His sparse solos were accented by sophisticated harmonies that appeared appealing to the rapt members of Duc des Lombard's first-set full-house. Harrell has never relied on ...


Album Review

Tom Harrell: Trip

Read "Trip" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Since the 70s, trumpeter Tom Harrell has branded a prolific stature within the annals of modern jazz as an artisan who possesses an enviable technique marked by his exquisite phrasings, silky tone and fluid progressions. Even during pieces constructed on gutsy or penetrating ensemble work, Harrell has an uncanny way of dishing out ferocious licks with heartfelt overtones and a penchant for eloquently rebuilding themes and regenerating numerous slants on a given melody. Here, the trumpeter lines up with celebrated ...


Album Review

Tom Harrell: The Time of the Sun

Read "The Time of the Sun" reviewed by John Kelman

With all the media attention being given--and deservingly so--to hot young firebrands like trumpeter Christian Scott, it's easy to overlook the older cats who've been quietly building a life's work where the only thing predictable is unfailing creativity. Tom Harrell may have turned 65 earlier this year, but he's still playing with the vigor of a man half his age, while benefiting from the wisdom that grows as the years pass, with little left to prove but plenty more to ...


Album Review

Tom Harrell: Tom Harrell: Roman Nights

Read "Tom Harrell: Roman Nights" reviewed by Tom Greenland

Roman Nights, trumpeter Tom Harrell's third release with his hardworking quintet of saxophonist Wayne Escoffery, pianist Danny Grissett, bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Johnathan Blake, is an all-original set that maintains the highest standards of composition, small-group arranging and improvisation. Harrell is a paragon of restraint, each note carefully chosen, each phrase finely balanced, seducing with the sheer magnetism of his melodies, while Escoffery lets loose torrents of ideas that topple over each other with brassy bluster.

On “Let the ...


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