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Free jazz from Turkey is more than a catchphrase when it comes to Konstrukt. It is an ideal, an approach, a symbiosis of creativity and sound that evolves and blooms. The group brings an incredible level of energy and process into its music in lucid and inventive formations.

konstuKt with Marshall Allen, Hüseyin Ertunç and Barlas Tan Özemek

Vibrations Of The Day



The seed for konstruKt was sown in guitarist Umut Çağlar's studio, when he, drummer Korhan Argüden, percussionist Özün Usta and saxophonist Korhan Futaci found that they were the progenitors of a distinct sound. They decided on making a professional move which, in the context of their developing story, was a wise one.

The band is ever receptive to new formations and for this recording called on alto saxophonist Marshall Allen ,who played with Sun Ra and is now Director of the Sun Ra Arkestra. The expansion to a septet adds dimension and gives the music solid depth.

The band shows its calibre right from the time it rips through the opening "Through the Asteroids." Here's a composition into which it can sink its instruments and come up with a startling vestige of sound that is continuously evolving. The clink of percussion deceives in its softness as Allen and Futaci engage in incendiary conversation before calming down. The tune is in continuous evolution shaped by the airy lilt of the flute, the accents of the drums and the ringing chords of the guitars. Intensity is purloined by calm only to free itself and make the pulse of invention fascinating.

The music continues to flourish and thrill. The interplay between the musicians fills the context of the compositions, letting the writing have its say before it is extrapolated with expressive and mercurial textures. Lines that are gentle interweave with those that burn, melody adds its refrain before it is opened and blended with absorbing ideas. The beauty of the horns is seen on "Spirits," as they ruminate in warm locution underpinned by the drums and the spaced notes of the guitar. Introspection makes a deeper cut and with the rhythm section becoming more pronounced and with the guitars of Çağlar and Barlas Tan Özemek now showing the twin attributes of melody and chords, the lure is complete.

"Milky Way" starts out as a ballad full of atmospherics from the horns. While Futaci is initially modulated, Allen takes it out of the sphere, abetted by some fine guitar work. To expect it to remain in this domain would be foolhardy and sure enough, the band soon erupts in an impetuous joy ride. Even as the musicians mingle, they set up parallel streams and turn this into spellbinding extollment.

konstruKt & Peter Brotzmann




Saxophonist Peter Brötzmann becomes the perfect component for konstruKt on this record. His daring and resourceful approach fits in well and adds to the shape and trajectory of the music.

The band forges several manifestations through lengthy interpolations. A fine sense of balance imbues the music with composition, playing as vital a role as freedom. It is a feast for the mind and the ears when Brötzmann and Futaci engage in conversation. The chemistry between them is just right and while Futaci can be more ingrained into the composition as he is on "Dolunay" for one, Brötzmann is in his comfort zone of polyrhythmic spirals.

"Makinali" has a more limber body. Melody is rife and attractive, but Çağlar finds his muse in feeding loose strains before he takes it all to a higher plateau with a welter of rock notes that singe and sing in marvellous refrain. The whole is now marked by incursions from Argüden's davul and Usta's percussion as the saxophonists mark their own territory.

It all casts a spell. The quartet finds a comfortable nook in both conglomerations, showing its artistic compatibility. The outpouring, whether it is in abstractions of form or in the tenets of composition, has a soul which makes it absolutely fascinating.

Tracks and Personnel

Vibrations of the Day

Tracks: Through the Asteroids; Space Jungle; Milky Way; March of the Aliens; Supernova; The Emperor; Sunflower; Neptune; Spirits.

Personnel: Marshall Allen: alto saxophone; Korhan Futaci: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, voice; Umut Caglar: guitar, guitar synth; Barlas Tan Ozemek: guitar; Huseyin Ertunc: percussion, drums, vibraphone, flute, melodica; Ozun Usta: percussion, drums, vibraphone; Korhan Arguden: drums.


Tracks: Dolunay; Si Yah; Kurtlar; Makinali; Tepe; Nokta.

Personnel: Korhan Arguden: davul; Ozun Usta: percussion; Umut Caglar: guitar; Korhan Futaci: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Peter Brotzmann: alto saxohone, tenor saxophone, clarinet.


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