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Watch What Happens

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2012
Track listing: Change Partners; Wouldn't It Be Loverly; I Only Have Eyes For You; More; The Nearness Of You; I Won't Dance; Lucky So And So; Still Crazy After All These Years; Watch What Happens; I Get Along Without You Very Well; Love Will Keep Us Together; Lover; Smile.


Georgina Jackson: Watch What Happens

Read "Watch What Happens" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Georgina Jackson is an avowed fan of “cheesy disco." She's similarly enthusiastic about Frank Sinatra, big bands, the American Songbook and PG Tips tea (which gets its own acknowledgement in the sleeve notes). The native of Wigan, in the north of England, is also a talented trumpet player and a singer with a sassy, vibrant style. ...

Watch What Happens

Label: The Jazz Guitarist
Released: 2010
Track listing: 01. Watch What Happens; 02. Summer Me, Winter Me; 03. The First Time; 04. Pieces of Dreams; 05. Once Upon a Summertine; 06. How Do You Keep the Music Playing?; 07. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life; 08. Quand on s’aime; 09. Ask Yourself Why; 10. You Must Believe in Spring; 11. I Will Wait for You; 12. The Windmills of Your Mind; 13. The Summer Knows.


Charito meets Michel Legrand: Watch What Happens

Read "Watch What Happens" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Capita che un'affascinante singer giapponese si innammori del repertorio di un grande musicista francese, Michel Legrand. E che lui stesso, colpito da tanto fascino si spinga a dirige e suonare le session di Watch What Happens. Legrand, vincitore di tre Oscar ("The Windmills of Your Mind," tema di “The Thomas Crown Affair," “Summer of '42" e ...

Watch What Happens

Label: CT Music
Released: 2009
Track listing: Watch What Happens; Summer Me, Winter Me; The First Time; Pieces of Dreams; Once Upon A Summertime; How Do You Keep The Music Playing?; What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life; Quand On S'Aime; Ask Yourself Why; You Must Believe In Spring; I Will Wait For You; The Windmills of Your Mind; The Summer Knows.


Charito: Watch What Happens

Read "Watch What Happens" reviewed by Edward Blanco

Recognized as a prominent jazz singer in Japan, Philippine-born songbird Charito has been a vocal force in Asia and Europe since the early 1990s, and now presents perhaps her most ambitious project to date on Watch What Happens, a delightful collaboration with Grammy Award-winning French composer Michel Legrand. Stating that “This album has become one of ...

Watch What Happens

Label: Arbors Records
Released: 2003
Track listing: 1, Handful of Keys 2. Slumming on Park Avenue 3. It's All Rigth With Me 4. Watch What Happens 5. Shadowland 6. Here's Carl 7. We'll Be Together Again 8. The Blue Room 9 Frankly 10. Over The Rainbow 11. What a Little Moonlight Will Do


Ruby Braff Quartet: Watch What Happens

Read "Watch What Happens" reviewed by AAJ Staff

This review also serves as a tribute and an obituary for a marvelous jazz cornetist. Ruby Braff died on February 9, 2003 in North Chatham, Mass., at age 75. The cause of death was given as “complications related to emphysema and asthma." The cornetist, born in Boston on March 16, 1927, said that his major influence ...

Watch What Happens

Label: Victor
Released: 1986

Watch What Happens

Label: World Pacific
Released: 1982


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