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Stephan Thelen

Guitarist and composer Stephan Thelen releases his debut album for Moonjune Records worldwide on January 18, 2019. It's an instrumental, post-progressive album co-produced by Markus Reuter (Stick Men), featuring guest appearances of many leading electric guitarists including David Torn, Markus Reuter, Henry Kaiser, Jon Durant, Bill Walker, Barry Cleveland and Matt Tate, as well as drummers/percussionists Benno Kaiser, Manuel Pasquinelli and Andi Pupato. Stephan Thelen is American born Swiss who composes, produces and performs music at the fringes of rock, jazz, experimental and classical music


Three Movements

Label: 7D Media
Released: 2023
Track listing: First Movement; Second Movement; Third Movement

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Bassist Romain Lebaya, Markus Reuter and Stephan Thelen

Read "Bassist Romain Lebaya, Markus Reuter and Stephan Thelen" reviewed by Len Davis

French bassist Romain Lebaya, and LA Band Qui'3 from Tribe of Rivals. Touch guitarist Markus Reuter, and Stephan Thelen from Fractal Guitar 3. Brazilian keyboard player Erik Escobar from his newest Live Album and Igor Willcox with his quartet live in Europe. Aurora Clara finish the program with another track from their latest album.


Article: Interview

Stephan Thelen: Of Sonar, Fractals And Interactive Complexity

Read "Stephan Thelen: Of Sonar, Fractals And Interactive Complexity" reviewed by Mike Jacobs

If you have been at all aware of the two-decade-old movement known as Swiss Minimalism, you've likely seen Stephan Thelen's name crop up. Lately, it would be fairly difficult not to. From 2018 to 2023 alone, his work as a leader in groups like Sonar and Fractal Sextet along with his Fractal Guitar series and other ...


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New Releases With London Brew, Travis Larsen. Plus Nik Bartsch And Stephan Thelen

Read "New Releases With London Brew, Travis Larsen. Plus Nik Bartsch And Stephan Thelen" reviewed by Len Davis

New and recent releases from London Brew referencing Miles Davis, Norwegian guitarist Tore Morten Andreasson, Italian guitarist Camila Sperati and Travis Larsen Band. Allan Holdsworth's Legacy. Nik Bartsch from his ECM release Continuum, Stephan Thelen from Fractal Guitar 3 and Vital Information from Show 'em Where You Live.Playlist London Brew “Miles Chases New Voodoo ...


Article: Album Review

Marvin Blague: Epistrophal Astronomy: The Hidden Code of Thelonious Monk

Read "Epistrophal Astronomy: The Hidden Code of Thelonious Monk" reviewed by Geno Thackara

If you've ever wondered what planet Thelonious Monk came from, you are not alone. According to Marvin Blague, you're not wrong to wonder either. Like most jazz listeners, he was not sure what to make of Monk's clunky-sounding playing style on first listen. But where many of us gradually come to enjoy how the pianist used ...


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Rugerro Robin, Atte Aho, Peter Fernandez and Stephan Thelen

Read "Rugerro Robin, Atte Aho, Peter Fernandez and Stephan Thelen" reviewed by Len Davis

Italian guitarist Ruggero Robin with his Jazz Trio, bassist Francisco Fattoruso, Finnish guitarist Atte Aho, progressive rock from The Resonance Project, Markus Reuter from Bleed, Stephan Thelen Fractal Guitar 3 and from the UK Paroksha-Destinations OutPlaylist Rugerro Robin “La Nona" from Lo-Fi Project (Juno) 00:00 Francisco Fattoruso “Life Hacker" from Khronos (Ciclope) 07:12 Atte ...


Article: Album Review

Fractal Sextet: Fractal Sextet

Read "Fractal Sextet" reviewed by Mike Jacobs

In the over two-decade-old “movement" that's come to be known as Swiss Minimalism, guitarist Stephan Thelen has pushed himself to the fore, both with his group SONAR and in solo projects. In recent years, he's been astonishingly prolific (releasing five albums from 2021-2022 alone). With recent group work in Sonar being expanded to include guitarist David ...


Article: Liner Notes

Stephan Thelen: Fractal Sextet

Read "Stephan Thelen: Fractal Sextet" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Swiss composer/guitarist Stephan Thelen's two Fractal Guitar albums were largely multi-tracked affairs, involving considerable file sharing. The idea of organizing a band to perform the music live may have been inevitable. The resulting Fractal Sextet is an international project consisting of guitarist Jon Durant (USA), keyboard player and composer Fabio Anile (Italy), bassist Colin Edwin (UK), ...


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Progressive Music From Louis Siciliano, Markus Reuter And Stephan Thelen

Read "Progressive Music From Louis Siciliano, Markus Reuter And Stephan Thelen" reviewed by Len Davis

Italian keyboardist Louis Siciliano from Ancient Cosmic Truths, featuring Randy Brecker, German touch guitarist Markus Reuter and Swiss guitarist Stephan Thelen, plus British band Paroksha. We finish with a few old favourites from Weather Report, Al Di Meola, Return To Forever and Billy Cobham. Playlist Louis Siciliano “The Secret Of Mansa" from Ancient Cosmic ...


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