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Shot x Shot

Shot x Shot is an improvisational acoustic quartet performing original compositions as well as highly interpretive covers steeped in the jazz tradition with experimental sensibilities. They met as students at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in the spring of 2003. With each musician lending a unique texture, Shot x Shot brings a tasteful and multi-dimensional sound to the Philadelphia music scene. They perform regularly in Philadelphia at the Tritone and St. Mary's Church and in New York City at the C-Note, ABC No Rio, and Cornelia St. Cafe. Shot x Shot released their debut album on HighTwo records in 2006. Dan Capecchi, drums and percussion, is a native of Minneapolis, MN., and has played drums professionally for eight years

Let Nature Square

Label: High Two Recordings
Released: 2008
Track listing: Scans; Triple Double; Overplay; Oh No; Autobonsai.


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Budd Kopman

The cooperative quartet ShotXShot has most assuredly earned all of the acclaim for its first release, Shot x Shot (High Two Recordings, 2006), which seemingly came out nowhere, as well as this second remarkable recording, Let Nature Square. The former album was recorded live in a church and the music was designed to ...


ShotXShot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

The ShotXShot formula is a simple one. It follows the Ornette Coleman model of group improvisation on set themes, although its music doesn't sound like Coleman's harmolodics. It has a rolling, mellifluous sound, without Coleman's sharp angles. And rather than the sax/trumpet front line of Coleman's classic quartet, it has the twin saxophones of Bryan Rogers ...


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The band Shot x Shot excels in the art of group improvisation. A term tossed about too often without consideration for the words, 'group' and 'improvisation.' This, their second recording, follows the self titled 2006 live date from St. Mary's church at the University of Pennsylvania. It had a ghostlike sound, a sort of ...


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Troy Collins

Shot x Shot is an acoustic quartet comprised of twenty-something graduates of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Their sophomore effort, Let Nature Square, is their first studio recording, following their highly acclaimed 2006 live, self-titled debut on High Two. Saxophonists Dan Scofield (alto) and Bryan Rogers (tenor) make up the effusive ...


Shot x Shot: Let Nature Square

Read "Let Nature Square" reviewed by Lyn Horton

A group of voices does not have to sound like a choir. In fact, a contemporary take on choral work might be one where each voice takes its own liberties, possibly in improvisation. Inherent in that process is joint collaboration and framing of an idea, in a perhaps unspoken agreement that permits a reasonable flow. Voices ...


Shot x Shot: Shot x Shot

Read "Shot x Shot" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dietro al nome di Shot x Shot si nasconde un quartetto di giovani musicisti di Philadelphia, fra i quali i più noti sono il sassofonista contralto Dan Scofield ed il contrabbassista Matt Engle per aver lavorato ed inciso con il Sonic Liberation Front. Il loro esordio è quasi un demo, registrato dal vivo alla St. Mary ...

Shot X Shot

Label: High Two Recordings
Released: 2006
Track listing: Bee Assassins; One Point Three Full Breaths; Two Improvisations; Volzalisle; Chains of Agree.

Shot x Shot

Label: High Two Recordings
Released: 2006
Track listing: 1. Bee Assassins (D. Capecchi) 11:43 2. One Point Three Full Breaths (D. Capecchi) 11:53 3. Two Improvisations (Shot x Shot) 10:02 4. Volzalisle (D. Scofield) 10:14 5. Chains of Agree (M. Engle) 13:02


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