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Shay Hazan

Bassist and composer Shay Hazan, based in Tel-Aviv, presents his latest group release with new reflections and directions. The band, two-horns strong and backed by the classic piano, bass and drums unit, continues to strike ripples in their near and farther surroundings. Only that in Hazan's case, backing does not mean hiding. His significant bass work carries the group into the magical realms of Gnawa music from Morocco, the new wave of Hip-Hop, and the 1960's Chicago Free Jazz and human rights movement, all these casts into a fresh blend of old and new flavours.


Label: NoBusiness Records
Released: 2020
Track listing: Moondoctor; Reptiles A; Book; Reptiles B; Drops; Reptiles C; Water.


Bones: Reptiles

Read "Reptiles" reviewed by John Sharpe

The barely-there pastel-colored turtle adorning the cover of Reptiles gives an elegant visual summary of the skeletal but attractive content inside. It's the third release from a young Israeli trio led by Amsterdam-based bass clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld, which includes his fellow countrymen bassist Shay Hazan and drummer Nir Sabag. Recorded in November 2017 in Netherlands, the ...

Albert Beger Quartet - The Gate

Label: NoBusiness Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: The Gate #1; Zen #2; Shakuchaki Impro #3; Birds And Trees #4; This Is It! #5; Silence #6

Attias | Hazan | Peskoff - Avocado Fields

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2019
Track listing: Avocado Fields #1; Surface #2; When She Sings #3; Eyes #4; Under The Surface #5; Smells Like Spring #6


Out To Dinner?

Read "Out To Dinner?" reviewed by Bob Osborne

Featured this time around is a great new album from “supergroup" Out to Dinner featuring Behn Gillece, Michael Dease. Tim Green, Boris Kozlov and Rudy Royston. Also featured a great meeting between Terkel Nørgaard and Ralph Alessi plus a selection of other excellent new music including a preview of the long awaited release of Miles Davis ...


Favourite Releases of 2018

Read "Favourite Releases of 2018" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

This episode (and the next) features music from some of the great albums released and played on One Man's Jazz in 2018. You'll hear tracks from recordings by Sean Conly, Quin Kirchner, Mario Costa, Benoit Delbecq, Cene Resnik, First Gig Never Happened, Sound & Fury, Samuel Blaser, Albert Beger & Shay Hazan, Michael Formanek, Devin Gray, ...

Gal Atzur Trio

Label: OutNow Recordings
Released: 2018
Track listing: purple orange green red blue yellow pink

Shay Hazan Quintet - Domestic Peace

Label: OutNow Recordings
Released: 2018
Track listing: New year's eve (dedicated to Alon Bakal) #1; Cycles #2; Hybrus part.1 #3; Hybrus part.2 #4; Who owns music?! (dedicated to William Parker) #5

Good Morning Universe

Label: NoBusiness Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: Densho #1; Compassion #2; Courtesy #3; Hope #4


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