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Peter A. Schmid


Musically active for over twenty years in various groups blurring the boundaries between jazz, improvised music and modern classic music. In (almost) every formation, own compositions and concepts with plenty of room for structured or free improvisation are used. A melting and fusing of composed and improvised parts is a central concern. Over the past few years, duos ��" beside wind ensembles - have become more and more my favorite form. They allow a very direct and personal communication between two independent musicians, and furthermore, it usually means regular collaboration poses no organizational problem… Since 2003, I play regular duo concerts at my homeplace in Uster, Switzerland, with both musicians with whom I play duets for years as well as with “new” musicians, who meet for spontaneous improvised concerts. CD trilogy with woodwind duos: September Duos with Evan Parker, Birdology with Vinny Golia and en passant with Ned Rothenberg. An important field is music in special architectonical and acoustic buildings. Concerts and recordings in an empty water cistern in Zürich (with Vollmond, September Winds and in duo with Evan Parker and Matthias Ziegler)

Article: Album Review

Thomas K.J. Meyer: Uneven Same – Saxophone Quartets 1 2 5 6 7

Read "Uneven Same – Saxophone Quartets 1 2 5 6 7" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Composti fra il 1990 e il 2021 e incisi nel novembre di quello stesso anno, questi quartetti per soli sassofoni (di cui uno, il No. 6, registrato nel 2010 dal solo autore su quattro piste di sax contrabbasso, di cui è specialista) illustrano l'attività di scrittura nel ramo specifico del sessantunenne sassofonista svizzero Thomas K.J. Meyer, ...


Chicago Conversations

Label: Creative Works Records
Released: 2016
Track listing: Candlesticks #1÷4; Clarinetrio #2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9; Zerosch #1-2; Trio; Windy City #1÷3; Twosax #1, 2, 4; Twoclarinet #1-2; Contrabasics #1-2; Drum ‘n’ Bass.

Article: Album Review

Peter A. Schmid: Chicago Conversations

Read "Chicago Conversations" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Ventiquattro brani per lo più molto brevi compongono questo sfiziosissimo nuovo lavoro del cinquantaseienne polistrumentista zurighese Peter A. Schmid, che è andato a inciderlo (in un unico giorno, il 31 agosto 2014) allo Strobe Recording di Chicago, dividendosi fra duetti (quindici), una sua specialità (fra i suoi numerosi partner nel corso degli anni ricordiamo almeno Evan ...


El Ni

Label: Creative Works Records.ch
Released: 2007
Track listing: SchRotZ #1; SchRotZ #2; SchRotZ #3; ZiSch #2; SchRoth #14; ShakuhaZiSch; ZiRoth #1; SchRotZ #5.


Article: Album Review

Peter A. Schmid / Ned Rothenberg / Matthis Ziegler: El Ni

Read "El Ni" reviewed by Henry Smith

According to Meinrad Buholzer's liner notes, El Niño is, in weather terms, a habitual pattern of intermingling air currents and water temperatures that affects the Pacific Ocean and west coast of Latin America. This serves as a most suitable title for the music of the album, which represents a highly communicative and spontaneous meeting between three ...


El niño

Label: Creative Works Records.ch
Released: 2006



Label: Leo Records
Released: 2004
Track listing: Clarinet Choir; Blackbirds; Madenhacker; Taubenbalz; Pharaona; Flute Choir; Moventanz; Weidehopf; Frasserbline; Some Other Blackbirds; Ameisen und b-meisen; Dodo & Other Extinct Species; Movenschrei; Madenhacker II; Woodpecker Duet; Saxophone Choir


Article: Album Review

Peter A. Schmid & Vinny Golia: Birdology

Read "Birdology" reviewed by Rex  Butters

Just in time for spring, Leo Records releases Birdology, a collection of duets played by reed regent Vinny Golia with Swiss gastroenterology specialist and fellow horn collector Peter A. Schmid. Their common interest in Benedict Eppelsheim’s tubax, a newly redesigned contrabass sax, impelled their initial contact. Then the synchronicities began falling into place. Like Golia, Schmid ...



Label: FMP
Released: 2002


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