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The Four Bags: Waltz

Read "Waltz" reviewed by Luca Casarotti

C'è il rischio di suonare passatisti, didascalici o monocordi, a voler dedicare un disco intero al tempo di walzer. Da questi esiti si tiene lontano il lavoro più recente di The Four Bags, inequivocabilmente intitolato Waltz, che riesce a esplorare con originalità un genere dalla tradizione tanto pregnante. Peculiare, del quartetto newyorkese, è prima di tutto ...


Label: NCM East
Released: 2017
Track listing: El caballo bayo; Les valse des as (Curha Remix 1); Runaway Waltz; Waltz of the Jacobs; Invisible Waltz; Les valse des as (Curha Remix 2); Puerta del principe; Les valse des as (Curha Remix 3); Vaults Dumb 'Ore; G Is for Geezus; Les valse des as.

Eggs Up High

Label: NCM East
Released: 2016
Track listing: Hawaii; Plant-Based; Cancale; Along; Once; Axis; Shane; Slip; Pedal.


Bizingas: Eggs Up High

Read "Eggs Up High" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Bizingas è un quartetto atipico assemblato dal trombonista, tastierista e autore di tutti i pezzi, Brian Drye, attivo dal 2010 quando esordì discograficamente con l'omonimo album. Quartetto atipico per strumentazione e moderno per attitudine, trasversale ai generi -il jazz è solo uno dei tanti ingredienti di una appetibile ricetta musicale -a proprio agio nei più svariati ...


Label: NCM East
Released: 2015
Track listing: February March; Kept Close; Odd Ray; Drifter; Weird Waltz; The Turtle Speaks; Pastorale; Two Painters; Transmitter Park.


Old Time Musketry: Drifter

Read "Drifter" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Old and new collide and intermingle in a variety of appealing ways on Drifter, the second long-player by the Brooklyn-based collective, Old Time Musketry. It's funny, though, how old has become new and new has become old. J. P. Schlegelmilch, the keyboardist and primary composer for the band (he wrote all but 2 of Drifter's varied ...


Label: NCM East
Released: 2014
Track listing: Settle; We Are Not All In This Together; Welding for Freedom; Spring; Bend Towards Light; Coda.


Ken Thomson and Slow/Fast: Settle

Read "Settle" reviewed by Dave Wayne

There are ways to get to know people really well, really quickly. Many of these fall under the general category: “challenge them, somehow." For a certain time of my life this meant: “go camping with them." Really. If you go camping with a group of people, you will find out a lot about them in a ...

Surface to Air

Label: NCM East
Released: 2012
Track listing: 01. Blood Simple; 02. Heysátan; 03. Certain Backgrounds (for Bunstance); 04. Odalisque; 05. Matanzas; 06. Arcana; 07. The Sleep in Your Eyes; 08. Waltz for Celia.


Surface to Air Trio: Surface to Air

Read "Surface to Air" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il newyorchese Surface to Air Trio si muove lungo un crinale di esplicita matrice etnica (certamente prevalente rispetto a quella jazzistica, per capirci), che trae linfa palpabile dallo strumentario impiegato, del resto rispecchiante una precisa scelta di campo, e che in questo album trova espressione compiuta quanto evidente. Fino alle estreme conseguenze: a fronte infatti di ...


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