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Julian Costello

Julian Costello is a London-based saxophonist, composer and teacher. He studied at Trinity College of Music and writes the music for the Julian Costello Quartet. He plays in a number of Jazz Big Bands, in a Vocal/Cello and Guitar trio and in a World Music trio called Vertigo with Tabla/Percussion, Oud/Guitar and Soprano Saxophone. Transitions, the last album by the Julian Costello Quartet was released on 33 Jazz Records. It was recorded at Artesuono Studios in Italy and mixed and mastered by ECM engineer Stefano Amerio. The Quartet is due to release a new album called Connections on 33Jazz Records on Friday 6th March 2020. This new quirky quartet has completed two tours of the UK with support from The Arts Council of England and concerts in France, Germany, Poland and belgium

Mountains, Love & Humour

Label: Luminescence Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: 1. Kilwa - 7:23; 2. Portrait of Two Shepherds - 6:51; 3. Nediska Fara - 4:20; 4. My Donkey Has Long Ears - 7:19; 5. Otto's (Cara) Van - 5:46; 6. Long Armed Woman - 4:45; 7. Let's Have Another One - 6:22; 8. Rotie - 6:43; 9. Don't Pretend - 6:53; 10. Family's Ties - 3:13; 11. Booker T - 8:24; 12. Fonkitong - 7:10.


Daniele D'Agaro Adriatics Orchestra: Mountains, Love & Humour

Read "Mountains, Love & Humour" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Mountains, Love & Humour è la fresca e vivace testimonianza della partecipazione della Adriatics Orchestra al festival “I suoni della Montagna" di Comeglians, sulle Alpi Carniche udinesi. La band, radunata dal leader sassofonista (oltre che promotore del festival) Daniele D'Agaro, varia di brano in brano in formazione e composizione, e propone un'ampia gamma di spunti sonori ...


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