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Matt Lavelle


Matt Lavelle is a trumpet, flugelhorn, bass and alto clarinet player, and composer based in New York City. He began his music career with Hildred Humphries, a swing era veteran who played with Count Basie and Billie Holiday. He has played in ensembles led by Sabir Mateen since 2002. In 2005, Lavelle began study with Ornette Coleman. Lavelle was a member of the Bern Nix quartet from 2010-2017. Lavelle recorded with Giuseppi Logan in 2010. In 2011 Lavelle created the 12 Houses Orchestra. Lavelle records for Unseen Rain and has just released a record on the legendary ESP record label, a duo with Reggie Sylvester called Retrograde.

Lavelle has played and collaborated with Ornette Coleman, William Parker, Warren Smith, Henry Grimes, Eric Mingus, Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Jemeel Moondoc, Mat Maneri, Ras Moshe, Hilliard Greene, Steve Swell, Matana Roberts, Bern Nix, Jack DeSalvo, Charles Downs, Tom Cabrera, Francois Grillot, Giuseppi Logan, William Hooker and many others.

Lavelle published his first book, New York City Subway Drama and Beyond, in 2011


Migration of Silence Into and Out of the Tone World

Label: Centering Records / AUM Fidelity
Released: 2021
Track listing: CD 1: Listen; Cosmic Funk; I’d Rather Be; A Great Day to Be Dead; Jenny’s Interlude; Blue Limelight (dedicated to Cecil Taylor); Bennie’s Tune; Recall; Kachina Song; All I Ever Want; Where the Angels Live; Old Tears.

CD 2: Malachi’s Mode; Malcolm’s Smile; This Sweet Land; The Golden Light (Hymn); Mexico; Broken Promises; Child of Sound; Sky Falling; Adobe House; Rez Sunset; Trail Of Tears I; Trail Of Tears II; Rez Sunrise; Ascending Earth.

CD 3: Baldwin; The Majesty of Jah; Freedom; Sun Song; Numbers; Letter to a Resurrected Slave Owner.

CD 4: Entire Universe; Cheops; The Map Is Precise; If We Play Soft Enough; Harriott.

CD 5: Dancing at the Savoy; Don’t Sell My Soul; Harlem Dances; Harlem Speaks; Paintings in the Sky; Shutters as Windows.

CD 6: Tilted Mirror; Mexico; The Bleeding Tree; It Is for You.

CD 7: Song to Lift Sadness (Morning); The Sky Is Always Beautiful; Morning Bird; Rocket Man; Essence Calling Out; Afternoon Poem; First Vision; Green and Brown; I Believe; I Will Die for You; Song for Patricia; My Cup; Silent Whispers; It Would Never Be Long Enough; Song to Lift Sadness (Evening); Cloud and Sea Fading as Rain Falls.

CD 8: Visconti; Fellini; Pasolini; Leone; De Sica; Rossellini; Gospel; Milano; Lights in the Rain; Antonioni.

CD 9: The Elders at the Edge of the World part 1; Cultivation; Deep Spirit; Family Voice; Listen to the Sky; Sacred Prayers; Host for the Anointed; Bamboo Village; Blessed; The Flute Reaches Out; The World’s Fastest Train; Joyous and Delightful; The Elders at the Edge of the World part 2.

CD 10: Charcoal Paragraphs; Khaen; Lakota Song; Manzanar; On Being Native.


Daniel Carter and Matt Lavelle. The Piano album

Label: Bandcamp
Released: 2020
Track listing: 1. Enter the chamber 04:34 2. Enter the heart 04:33 3. Enter the ocean 06:08 4. Enter the woods 03:26 5. Enter the sky 05:28 6. Enter the soul 06:26


The Big Picture

Label: Bandcamp
Released: 2020
Track listing: 1. I didn't see them before (William Parker) 08:33 2. Holy Spirits (Albert Ayler) 08:04 3. Thurston is dead (Greg Neu) 08:20 4. Heaven (Duke Ellington) 08:15 5. He'll be there for you (Rev. Nat Dixon) 10:23


Trumpet Rising, Bass Clarinet Moon 2020

Label: Bandcamp
Released: 2020
Track listing: 1. ML on BC 05:21 2. Trumpet Rising 06:21 3. West End Blues 06:45 4. Bass Clarinet Moon (for Joan Fleur) 05:21 5. Super Old Silver 04:42 6. ML on BC 2 03:34 7. Thanks Miles 03:41 8. Zim 05:09 9. Shuffle Simmer 03:45 10. Sunspot 04:28


The Abandoned Sound

Label: Bandcamp
Released: 2020
Track listing: 1-Heart Warriors (for Charles Gayle and Rev. Nat Dixon) 04:57 2-ML on AC (for OC) 05:37 3. For Procope 05:14 4. Mr. Logan 03:33 5. I know the problem (by and for Bern Nix) 06:06 6. Roy Campbell / Ascent (William Parker) 04:49 7. ML on AC 2 06:58 8. Sacred Springs 04:27 9. Time Travel (for Dr. Henry Martin) 06:11



Label: Unseen Rain Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1- The Sideline 2- Hope 3- Blues for Micio 4- Black and White 5- Trayvon Martin 6- Love


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Henry Cow: Jazz Interpretations

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Bird's Trumpets

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Track of the Day

The Sideline

Label: Unseen Rain Records
Released: 2019
Duration: 9:02


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