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Migration of Silence Into and Out of the Tone World

William Parker

Label: Centering Records / AUM Fidelity
Released: 2021
Views: 2,413


CD 1: Listen; Cosmic Funk; I’d Rather Be; A Great Day to Be Dead; Jenny’s Interlude; Blue Limelight (dedicated to Cecil Taylor); Bennie’s Tune; Recall; Kachina Song; All I Ever Want; Where the Angels Live; Old Tears.

CD 2: Malachi’s Mode; Malcolm’s Smile; This Sweet Land; The Golden Light (Hymn); Mexico; Broken Promises; Child of Sound; Sky Falling; Adobe House; Rez Sunset; Trail Of Tears I; Trail Of Tears II; Rez Sunrise; Ascending Earth.

CD 3: Baldwin; The Majesty of Jah; Freedom; Sun Song; Numbers; Letter to a Resurrected Slave Owner.

CD 4: Entire Universe; Cheops; The Map Is Precise; If We Play Soft Enough; Harriott.

CD 5: Dancing at the Savoy; Don’t Sell My Soul; Harlem Dances; Harlem Speaks; Paintings in the Sky; Shutters as Windows.

CD 6: Tilted Mirror; Mexico; The Bleeding Tree; It Is for You.

CD 7: Song to Lift Sadness (Morning); The Sky Is Always Beautiful; Morning Bird; Rocket Man; Essence Calling Out; Afternoon Poem; First Vision; Green and Brown; I Believe; I Will Die for You; Song for Patricia; My Cup; Silent Whispers; It Would Never Be Long Enough; Song to Lift Sadness (Evening); Cloud and Sea Fading as Rain Falls.

CD 8: Visconti; Fellini; Pasolini; Leone; De Sica; Rossellini; Gospel; Milano; Lights in the Rain; Antonioni.

CD 9: The Elders at the Edge of the World part 1; Cultivation; Deep Spirit; Family Voice; Listen to the Sky; Sacred Prayers; Host for the Anointed; Bamboo Village; Blessed; The Flute Reaches Out; The World’s Fastest Train; Joyous and Delightful; The Elders at the Edge of the World part 2.

CD 10: Charcoal Paragraphs; Khaen; Lakota Song; Manzanar; On Being Native.


Additional Personnel / Information

William Parker: bass, donso ngoni, percussion, voice, bass duduk, fujara overtone flute, guembri, balafon, gralla, serbian flute, kamele ngoni, cornet, keringot, hochiku, shakuhachi, stereophonic bamboo flute, ojibway overtone bass flute, pocket trumpet, malakan flute, chinese shakuhachi, khaen, navajo flute, fujara overtone flute; Peter Dennis: bass; Scot Moore: violin; Reina Murooka: violin; Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez: voice; Tina Burova: violin; Jim Ferraiuolo: oboe; Kevin Murray: drums; Jim Clouse: drums, tenor sax; Ellen Christi: sampling, production; Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson: trumpet; Ben Stapp: tuba; Rachel Housle: drums; Hamid Drake: frame drum; Jean Carla Rodea: voice; Brahim Fribgane: oud; Jackson Krall: tenor drum; Ariel Bart: harmonica; Ohad Kapuya: bass; Kevin Murray: drums & percussion; Coen Aalberts: conch shell, winti flute from New Guinea, cricket sounds, bird sounds, bamboo brushes, whistles, drum set; Klaas Hekman: dogon flute, shakuhachi, bass Indian flute, piccolo and C flute; Jean Cook: violin; Alexander Waterman: cello.




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