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Lagrimas Mexicanas

Label: E1 Music
Released: 2011
Track listing: Mi declaracion; Calle 7; La curva; Lágrimas mexicanas; Lágrimas de amor; Cafezinho; El camino; Aquela mulher; Briga de namorados Forinfas.

Lagrimas Mexicanas

Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. Mi Declaración; 02. Calle 7; 03. La Curva; 04. Lágrimas Mexicanas; 05. Lágrimas de Amor; 06. Cafezinho; 07. El Camino; 08. Aquela Mulher; 09. Briga de Namorados; 10. Forinfas.


Vinicius Cantuaria - Bill Frisell: Lagrimas Mexicanas

Read "Lagrimas Mexicanas" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Non è certo nuova la collaborazione tra Vinicius Cantuaria e Bill Frisell, musicisti che si sono spesso incrociati [il chitarrista americano è stato spesso ospite dei dischi del collega brasiliano, ricambiato nel progetto “The Intercontinentals"], ma trova in questo nuovo Lagrimas Mexicanas una sintesi semplice e efficace. Soli con le proprie chitarre e la voce, i ...


Vinicius Cantuária / Bill Frisell: Lagrimas Mexicanas

Read "Lagrimas Mexicanas" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

The fruit of Lagrimas Mexicanas is one born of mutual respect and collaboration between two distinct music icons. Bill Frisell's trajectory has spanned the paths of jazz and Americana, becoming one of the most respected guitarists in the business. A fine guitarist in his own right, but more noted for his heartthrob vocals, Brazilian singer-songwriter Vinicius ...


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