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The Nimble Nuovication Of Nimbus Sextet

Read "The Nimble Nuovication Of Nimbus Sextet" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Scottish jazz, like the country's favoured spirit, whisky, is distinctive, carefully crafted, slowly matured and justifiably rare, and it delivers a sense of respect, modernity and personality concurrent with, yet unique from, jazz's ancestral home. Nimbus Sextet represent many regions of Scotland, not simply the two main cities, jny: Edinburgh and jny: Glasgow. All About Jazz ...


Article: Album Review

Yotam Silberstein: Universos

Read "Universos" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Universos is a trio album featuring Yotam Silberstein on guitar, accordionist and pianist Vitor Goncalves, with drummer Daniel Dor, plus special guests. It is a balance of Silberstein co-ordinating joyful Latin wellbeing and moderated contentment, an acknowledgment of the wonderful and exalted beings and moments that make him, and us, grateful to be alive. Never boring, ...


Article: Album Review

Johannes Berauer: Vienna Chamber Diaries plus Strings

Read "Vienna Chamber Diaries plus Strings" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Johannes Berauer's album, Vienna Chamber Diaries plus Strings on Basho Records, is a jewel of emotional weathering to illuminate hearts after an unexpected and extended era of sadness. Berauer is a modern thinking, cross-over, chamber jazz Jedi. Perfecting the placement of elegant, exciting, heart easing, and harmonising in nine arrangements of exacting and uplifting ...


Article: Album Review

Omer Avital/Qantar: New York Paradox

Read "New York Paradox" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

The world in its collective viral neurosis is in a cold sweat. What to do? Store shelves are empty, hands have never been cleaner, and if all goes wrong, salaries may soon rise for those who will work. In these trying times, some days you simply must “Avital"—Omer Avital understands this. Thanks to his latest album, ...


Article: Album Review

Pete Malinverni: Heaven

Read "Heaven" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Perhaps church would be fashionable again amongst lapsed Christians if every church had musicians at the spec of Pete Malinverni. We have, in part, much to admire of the LA based Newman family for their reach in music and its training, in which composer, Anthony Newman was an insightful mentor to Malinverni's dedication. It would seem ...


Article: Album Review

Sam Friend: Twin

Read "Twin" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

It's probably not best practice to liken anyone to anyone, yet we do it all the time, take comfort in the left hand column on CD Baby, or the recommends on iTunes or Amazon. Forgive this Captain Obvious then, when Sam Friend's album Twin gets likened to James Taylor and his son, Ben Taylor here, so ...


Article: Album Review

Trish Clowes: My Iris

Read "My Iris" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Firstly, each individual in the Trish Clowes Quartet, Trish Clowes on various saxophones, Ross Stanley on piano and Hammond, Chris Montague on guitar and James Maddren on drums, fits their corner perfectly, providing the extra dimension that makes their cohesive playing effortless. There are no shirkers or hang back components in this line up. My Iris ...


Article: Album Review

Karen Street/ Streetworks: Streetworks/ Unfurled

Read "Streetworks/ Unfurled" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Women in British jazz, the stand-out sonically wonderful ones, you just don't hear them all too often, and finding them is like chasing unicorns. Outside of stoic jazz hoovers there are still too few mainstream listeners who suck it up these days, and that never helps. In the popular world of musical vacuum, perhaps the only ...


Article: Album Review

Patrick Naylor: Patrick Naylor/ Days Of Blue

Read "Patrick Naylor/ Days Of Blue" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Days of Blue from Patrick Naylor spends time in all the pantone blue hues, the first five tracks bringing the brighter half of the spectrum, the second half diving the deeper tones. Beginning with “Baba," a bewitching Arabian influenced scale with mystery inspiring cascades, the album depicts a dance of sax and guitar from the start. ...


Article: Live Review

The World of Duke Ellington 2015

Read "The World of Duke Ellington 2015" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

The World of Duke Ellington 2015 Jazz at Lincoln Center New York, NY April 29, 2015 Duke would have been 116 this year, and what a party he didn't have! JALC raised $3.9M on their gala night and the exceptional quality of all of the performances reflected the generosity ...


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