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Fabrizio la Piana

Born in 1976,inCatania(Italy),he started playing guitar at the age of 11 and learned the basics of the guitar from his father Vittorio La Piana. In 1992 he graduated in theory and solfege and in 1994 earned the V° year classical guitar diploma at the Conservatory of Catania(Italy). In those years he also studied electric guitar at Lizard School of Music in Florence (Italy) with M.Mellner and G.Castellano and started to be active in the music scene of his home town performing in clubs and tv shows (such as “Insieme” and “Insieme Estate”). In 1998,after he graduated with the highest marks, started teaching at Lizard and together with the school teaching staff he wrote “Scuola di chitarra elettrica”,a guitar method edited in Italy by BMG|Ricordi. In 1999 he became more interested in jazz and moved to Milan(Italy), where he studied with D.Minotti (Baglioni,CPM) and G.Monteforte(F.Cerri,L.Konitz) by then he also teached at 2 Yamaha music schools of Milan. In 2000 he got accepted at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (Nethelands),there he had the opportunity to study with H.Sprenger,M.Van Iterson,E.Verhoef,M.Van Der Grinten and also to attend several clinics of many famous jazz musicians. During that time he performed all over the Netherlands in various formations going from pop to jazz . After he graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam,he performed in Italy all over Sicily and teached at Schizzi Sonori school of Music in Catania(Italy). He also took lessons from the famous guitarist Scott Henderson,who said about him:”Fabrizio sounds great! Has chops,a really good tone and he knows how to phrase” Since 2010 he has been the director of the Modern Music Academy( in Zaandam,first school in the Netherlands partner of the Rockschool network ( In 2013 he has been invited to Latvia to give a masterclass at the Ventspils Muzikas Vidusskola.In Latvia he also performed as guest artist with the city big band at Ventspils Groove Festival. In the Netherlands he is active with his own trio(Fabrizio La Piana Trio) performing his own original composition and as sideman for other bands-projects.He is teaching at the Modern Music Academy of Zaandam and at the Muziek Educatie Centrum of Amsterdam. His new album “Almond and Coffee” is now available at:


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