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Nathan Hubbard / Skeleton Key Orchestra: Furiously Dreaming

Read "Furiously Dreaming" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Sprawling. Massive. Unapologetically ambitious. All over the musical map. But, somehow, not excessive. Furiously Dreaming is a two-CD set by percussionist / composer / musical visionary Nathan Hubbard and his 50-member (for this recording) Skeleton Key Orchestra. The leader or co-leader of a dozen or so different small ensembles playing everything from modern jazz to contemporary ...


Kronomorfic: Entangled

Read "Entangled" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Forti di una solidissima formazione musicale, i due leader David Borgo e Paul Pellegrin hanno messo la loro volatile espressività al servizio di un progetto estremamente stratificato sul piano ritmico e timbrico. È soprattutto il batterista ad imprimere il proprio stile all'identità di Entangled. Il policentrismo ritmico del suo drumming persegue irregolari sviluppi ...


Jason Robinson Janus Ensemble: San Diego, CA, June 2, 2011

Read "Jason Robinson Janus Ensemble: San Diego, CA, June 2, 2011" reviewed by Robert Bush

Jason Robinson Janus EnsembleDizzy'sSan Diego, CA June 2, 2011 Saxophonist/composer Jason Robinson--whose dual release of The Two Faces Of Janus (Cuneiform, 2010), and Cerulean Landscape (Clean Feed, 2010), put him on the map of wider recognition--finally made his impending departure from San Diego official with this farewell concert, held at ...


David Borgo, with and Against, 1998

David Borgo, with and Against, 1998

I've been covering David Borgo's music on these pages with a number of postings (do a search in the search box to find the others). That's because I find him one of the important West Coast voices today, as tenor-soprano stylist and as composer-conceptualist. If I retrace steps today to go back to one of his ...

Kronomorfic: Micro Temporal Infundibula

Read "Kronomorfic: Micro Temporal Infundibula" reviewed by Robert Bush

KronomorficMicro Temporal InfundibulapfMentum2011 Kronomorfic, based in Southern California, is a group of virtuoso improvisers, all blending their individual talents toward a greater ensemble aesthetic. Co-led by Los Angeles drummer/hand percussionist Paul Pellegrin and San Diego saxophonist David Borgo, Kronomorfic synthesizes the ancient with the future--using very complex ...


Jeff Kaiser / Kronomorphic / Keneally-Minnemann-Beller: San Diego, March 11, 2011

Read "Jeff Kaiser / Kronomorphic / Keneally-Minnemann-Beller: San Diego, March 11, 2011" reviewed by Robert Bush

Jeff Kaiser / Kronomorphic / Keneally/Minnemann/BellerPorter's Pub, UCSDSan Diego, CAMarch 11, 2011 The Friday, March 11 show at Porter's Pub, organized by UCSD promoter Brian Ross, was a wild, kaleidoscopic affair. Featuring two Southern California-based creative improvising exponents with a rock-fusion headliner represented a certain degree of risk: would the ...


Released: 2006
Track listing: 1. Nkosi sikelel’ Africa (Enoch Sontonga) - 6:41; 2. Eli’s song (Harry Miller) - 4:13; 3. Tsidi (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 6:13; 4. Which Way (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 7:50; 5. Blues for a hip king (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 4:48; 6. Black lightning (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 4:54; 7. Msunduza (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 3:09; 8. Dedication (Winston Ngozi) - 8:09; 9. Gwidza (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 6:02; 10. Letter to South Africa (Curtis Clark) - 8:43; 11. Tintinyana (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 6:19; 12. The wedding (Abdullah Ibrahim) - 2:40


David Borgo: Ubuntu

Read "Ubuntu" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

E’ cresciuto David Borgo. Avevamo lasciato il giovane sassofonista e ricercatore del Maryland con un album un po’ anonimo, in bilico tra post-Bop e Fusion, sia pur d’autore (Massanetta Spring, edito dalla Circumvention Music nel 2003) e oggi lo ritroviamo alle prese con un vero e proprio “concept-album”, pieno di frutti gustosi e saporiti. Al centro ...

Reverence for Uncertainty

Label: Circumvention Music
Released: 2005
Track listing: Sum-Thing from No-Thing (3:51), On The Five (11:04), Sync (6:31), Oddity (12:23), Tenochtitlan (6:55), In the Land of In-Between (4:59), Conversations with the Not-Self (3:21), Miko (7:42), Swarm (2:03), Cosmology (3:44), Reverence for Uncertainty (4:00), Rivers of Consciousness (2:50), Beantown Bounce (2:30)


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