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Label: Via Veneto Jazz
Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. New toy; 02. Langhe oscure; 03. Trum; 04. Closer; 05. Grand guignol wasabi; 06. Ancora autostrade; 07. Country Girl; 08. Poor Red Little Clownfish; 09. Happiness, Joy, Beauty, Innocence; 10. Winter; 11. La bufera.


Wasabi: Closer

Read "Closer" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il trio romano Wasabi ci propone questo bel CD che viene impreziosito dalla presenza importante della tromba e delle divagazioni elettroniche di Cuong Vu, un musicista americano ben noto e apprezzato nel filone del jazz contemporaneo curioso e affamato di novità. Le undici composizioni originali di questo Closer sembrano aggrovigliarsi assieme come se il tutto fosse ...


Label: ESP Disk
Released: 2009
Track listing: 01. Ida Lupino; 02. Start; 03. Closer; 04. Sideways in Mexico; 05. Batterie; 06. And Now the Queen; 07. Figfoot; 08. Crossroads; 09. Violin; 10. Cartoon.


Paul Bley: Closer

Read "Closer" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dopo Barrage (ESP 1008), Closer è il secondo e ultimo disco che Paul Bley registrò, nel dicembre del 1965, per la ESP. Definirlo un capolavoro è quanto meno ovvio, eppure riascoltando questa rapida successione di composizioni brevi e geniali è quasi inevitabile riscoprire ancora una volta tutta la gigantesca originalità dello straordinario pianista canadese. In questo ...


Label: Unknown label
Released: 2008


Label: ESP Disk
Released: 2008
Track listing: Ida Lupino; Start; Closer; Sideways In Mexico; Batterie; And Now The Queen; Figfoot; Crossroads; Violin; Cartoon.


Label: Impure Music
Released: 2008


Paul Bley Trio: Closer

Read "Closer" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Pianist Paul Bley is an innovator whose imagination eclipses the norm. He never wavers from a challenge and there is always an air of expectancy each time Bley sits at the piano. He is comfortable in any setting and his music has been shaped by several peers. Among them were Sonny Rollins, Carla Bley, Jimmy Giuffre, ...


Paul Bley: Closer

Read "Closer" reviewed by Lyn Horton

Piano music has various personalities. It can be extroverted, jamming and far-reaching. It can be self-referential and have form that evolves only as it is played. It can be rigorously confined to form and fit well within conventional or traditional labels that have been assigned to it. Or it can be introverted and mindful, and beg ...


Label: Verve Music Group
Released: 2005
Track listing: David Sanborn, alto saxophone; Larry Goldings, electric piano, organ; Gil Goldstein, electric piano, accordion on "Capetown Fringe"; Mike Mainieri, vibraphone; Russell Malone, guitar; Christian McBride, bass; Steve Gadd, drums; Luis Quintero, percussion; Lizz Wright, vocals on "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"; Bob Sheppard, tenor and soprano saxophones on "Capetown Fringe," and flutes; Joyce Hammann and Belinda Whitney, violin; Dave Eggar, cello; Ron Lawrence, viola; Mike Davis, trombone; Sheryl Henze, bass flute and alto flute; Alex Sipiagin, trumpet and flugelhorn


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