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Vijay Iyer Sextet at the Jazz Standard

Read "Vijay Iyer Sextet at the Jazz Standard" reviewed by Akinfe Fatou

Vijay Iyer Sextet Jazz Standard New York, NY January 22, 2019 Vijay Iyer's sextet astounded the audience in their highly anticipated, sold out show at the Jazz Standard. From the moment Iyer graced the stage, the audience erupted into an earth-shattering ovation that danced into his greeting and band introductions. The ...

Behind the Lens With Michael Reilly

Read "Behind the Lens With Michael Reilly" reviewed by Michael Reilly

Meet Michael Reilly:I am a painter of jazz, when the painting is right you can see the music come through the brush. I have been painting of 25 years, Jazz to me is the perfect thing to paint; it combines both my passions.View more Michael Reilly photos at All About Jazz

Behind the Lens With Arkady Mitnik

Read "Behind the Lens With Arkady Mitnik" reviewed by Arkady Mitnik

Meet Arkady Mitnik:Born in former USSR, Arkady combines his professional career of Engineer with his main hobby of jazz photography.Gear:A number of Olympus E-cameras with top Zuiko lenses, Canon G-12 as well as analogue (film) OM-1 OM-2 and Mamiya 645.Teachers and/or influences?Leonid Levit from Ukraine, Alik ...

Behind the Lens with C. Andrew Hovan

Read "Behind the Lens with C. Andrew Hovan" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

Meet C. Andrew Hovan: A devoted jazz fan since my school days, I have had the great advantage of combining many of my loves in a variety of creative ventures. A musician and writer, I have been an avid photographer since my freshman year in high school. My college studies led me to Boston ...

Behind the Lens With Gerry Walden

Read "Behind the Lens With Gerry Walden" reviewed by Gerry Walden

Meet Gerry Walden: I have been listening to jazz and trying to capture the essence of it in photographs since the late '60s. Based in southern England, where I was Born, I cover as many gigs and festivals as I can manage to get to and I now have a substantial library of jazz ...

Behind the Lens With Adriana Mateo

Read "Behind the Lens With Adriana Mateo" reviewed by Adriana Mateo

Meet Adriana Mateo: Adriana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the daughter of award-winning director of photography Roberto Mateo, who mentored her.Adriana started photographing with a still camera at an early age, and following her family's tradition, started working on feature films and advertising commercials. At age 23, she began ...

Behind the Lens With Bruce Lindsay

Read "Behind the Lens With  Bruce Lindsay" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Meet Bruce Lindsay: I live in the UK and specialize in performance photography. I came to jazz after some years photographing musicians in almost every other genre: rock, indie, folk, Americana, metal.My work has been featured in magazines, on album sleeves and in exhibitions. My photograph of bluesman Robert Belfour was chosen ...

Behind the Lens With Chuck Koton

Read "Behind the Lens With Chuck Koton" reviewed by Chuck Koton

Meet Chuck Koton: Born into a family of photographers, I began carrying a camera around with me as a teenager. Eventually, I even set up a darkroom in my parents' Bronx apartment.Around the same time, I began my lifelong love affair with jazz. One night, I came across my older brother's copy ...

Behind the Lens With Lorenzo Di Nozzi

Read "Behind the Lens With Lorenzo Di Nozzi" reviewed by Lorenzo Di Nozzi

Meet Lorenzo Di Nozzi: I am a stage photographer. I live between Milan, Madrid and Barcelona, where I work as official photographer of the Theatre Palau de la Musica Catalana. I am also the official photographer of the Barcelona Gospel Festival and the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival of Barcelona. Gear: Nikon ...

Behind the Lens With Pat A. Robinson

Read "Behind the Lens With Pat A. Robinson" reviewed by Pat A. Robinson

Meet Pat A. Robinson : My love for photography began in junior high school, starting with a plastic Kodak film camera, as a means to meet people and start new friendships.I dreamed that the art of photography would be my life's work. I'm a self-taught photographer. My skills advanced further by taking ...


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