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Carlos Franzetti: Ricordare

Read "Ricordare" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Il titolo del CD e il suo brano manifesto sono emblematici nell'esplicare il debito artistico di Carlos Franzetti per Ennio Morricone. Al di là dell'affinità con le colonne sonore italiane e francesi, il settantenne musicista argentino possiede ben altre e più rigogliose frecce al suo arco. Lo testimonia una poliedrica cifra espressiva, che spazia dal tango ...


Carlos Franzetti: Recordare

Read "Recordare" reviewed by Peter Hoetjes

Often in order to move forward, we must first look back, seeking lessons in our failings as well as our successes. The English translation of Argentinian composer Carlos Franzetti's Recordare is “to remember." It would seem that during this trip to the studio, he has stuck his nose firmly in the past. With a career consisting ...


Carlos Franzetti: Argentum

Read "Argentum" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Gran bel musicista l'ormai sessantanovenne argentino di Buenos Aires Carlos Franzetti, che nella sua lunga e fortunata carriera in larga parte spesa negli Stati Uniti ha svariato dal jazz alla musica da camera, da quella sinfonica a quella per il cinema, senza nulla perdere di quella tradizione che rende la musica sudamericana al tempo stesso universale ...


Salsa Legend Rubén Blades Performs "Tangos"!

Salsa Legend Rubén Blades Performs "Tangos"!

Salsa legend Rubén Blades performs his classic compositions as tangos on the upcoming Sunnyside release, Tangos (June 24)! The best songs are those that provide messages that reach beyond the genre into which they are born. There are lyrics that can move people deeply, even when the composer and listener are separated by oceans. The tremendous ...


Eddie Gomez: Per Sempre

Read "Per Sempre" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Bassist Eddie Gomez has never received the attention he deserves as a leader. While that's largely due to the fact that he spends so much time making other people sound better, the reason isn't important; it's an injustice, regardless of the cause. His pliant and flexible bass has been the binding agent and rhythmic-melodic-harmonic go-between responsible ...


Carlos Franzetti - Allison Brewster Franzetti: Alborada

Read "Alborada" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Solo un artista di classe sopraffina come Carlos Franzetti poteva riuscire nell'ambizioso progetto di fondere sensibilità classica e tradizione brasiliana, sia colta che popolare. Il modello di riferimento è quello di Victor Villa Lobos, rinnovato con un respiro ritmico del terzo millennio. Ne discende un'opera di grande poesia e di fascinosa bellezza, che trascende generi e ...


The Franzettis: Alborada

The Franzettis: Alborada

It's rare when classical and jazz merge perfectly. Most efforts tend to be ponderous and bombastic, particularly because most composers and arrangers forget that for such hybrids to win over American ears, the fusion needs to be an equal partnership with a dose of cinematic drama. Too often, jazz-classical efforts have been more classical than jazz, ...


Carlos Franzetti / Allison Brewster Franzetti: Alborada

Read "Alborada" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Pianist Carlos Franzetti's versatility is one of his many virtues. Few artists could pull off a solo piano project like Mambo Tango (Sunnyside, 2009), and then turn right around and create such moving music for orchestra and piano. Fortunately, Franzetti has the talent, drive and discipline to match his ambitions and Alborada is the proof.


Carlos Franzetti and Allison Brewster Franzetti: Alborada

Read "Alborada" reviewed by Greg Simmons

With Alborada, pianists Carlos Franzetti and Allison Brewster-Franzetti, along with the City of Prague Philharmonic, have attempted an ambitious fusion of jazz and classical music that ventures far beyond simple orchestral arrangements as aural wallpaper. Third Stream--the blending of genres to create a hybrid of sorts--has been around, with varying degrees of success, for ...


Federico Britos: Voyage

Read "Voyage" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The world continues to awake to the rising tide of undiscovered music and musicians from the South American paradigm, in an almost ironic kind of reversal of Alejo Carpentier's voyage of musical discovery in his 1953 work, The Lost Steps. As this is going on, the Uruguayan violinist Federico Britos celebrates five decades in the lonely ...


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