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A Conversation with Violinist Meg Okura

Read "A Conversation with Violinist Meg Okura" reviewed by Lorens Chuno

Meg Okura is a distinguished violinist/composer who has been decorated with several awards. Her latest album, Ima Ima, is a collection of well thought out and very well executed compositions that stem out of her role as a mother. Join Meg and I as we talk about composing, motherhood, David Bowie, and other somewhat related things. ...


“Ima, You Don’t Look Jewish,” A Three-year Old Said To Her Mother.

“Ima, You Don’t Look Jewish,” A Three-year Old Said To Her Mother.

On Mother’s Day, Meg Okura, who converted to Judaism four years ago, will release Ima Ima, featuring trumpeter Tom Harrell and guitarist Rez Abbasi. Ima Ima (mom in Hebrew and now in Japanese) will be her Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble's fourth album, showcasing extensive works composed since her pregnancy, for 10-piece chamber jazz ensemble. She ...


Stephanie Castillo: Thomas Chapin - Night Bird Song

Read "Stephanie Castillo: Thomas Chapin - Night Bird Song" reviewed by Stefano Merighi

Stephanie Castillo
Night Bird Song [DVD]
* * * *

Come abbiamo fatto a dimenticarci di Thomas Chapin? Questa è la domanda--tra le molte altre -che gran parte della comunità jazzistica dovrebbe porsi di fronte all'imponente lavoro documentario “Night Bird Song," che Stephanie Castillo ha realizzato in onore del polistrumentista e compositore ...


Frank London Ensemble al Teatro Manzoni di Milano

Read "Frank London Ensemble al Teatro Manzoni di Milano" reviewed by Paolo Peviani

Frank London Ensemble -The Glass House Project
Aperitivo in Concerto
Teatro Manzoni

Aperitivo in Concerto ha sempre avuto un rapporto privilegiato con musicisti e musiche di estrazione ebraica. In questa edizione, la rassegna ha scelto di celebrare la Giornata della Memoria proponendo The Glass House Project del ...

Paal Nilssen-Love, Bruce Brubaker, Muzsikás & The Glasshouse Orchestra

Read "Paal Nilssen-Love, Bruce Brubaker, Muzsikás & The Glasshouse Orchestra" reviewed by Martin Longley

Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit
First Unitarian Congregational Society
June 13, 2015

There aren't many churches where a believer can purchase Large Unit underpants upon entrance. Brooklyn's Issue Project Room experimental music venue is currently undergoing even further renovations, so they've been promoting gigs at various temporary haunts around the ...


Jazz in the New Millennium: Live and Well by Rick Mitchell

Read "Jazz in the New Millennium: Live and Well by Rick Mitchell" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Jazz in the New Millennium: Live and Well
Rick Mitchell
339 Pages
ASIN: #B00N2331GC
Dharma Moon

Much of jazz analysis and reportage is history; the exposition and re-exposition of old forms and older artists. Precious few books written about jazz today have contemporary artists or movements as ...


Carol Fredette: No Sad Songs For Me

Read "No Sad Songs For Me" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

We last heard from vocalist Carol Fredette on her first Soundbrush recording, Everything in Time (2009). Her repertoire was replete with, “Light latin jazz, humid islands, and secure mainstream treatments." Fredette remains fairly true to this mix of styles on No Sad Songs For Me, specifically addressing all songs of upbeat content, if not tempo. The ...


Mark Weinstein: Todo Corazon

Read "Todo Corazon" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Mark Weinstein's modus operandi is simple: He follows his interests at any given time. He found success as a groundbreaking salsa trombonist early on, but that didn't stop him from leaving his horn behind and entering the realm of academia. He earned a Ph.D in Philosophy, with a specialization in mathematical logic, and started teaching at ...


Sabrina Lastman: The Candombe Jazz Sessions

Read "The Candombe Jazz Sessions" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The Candombe Jazz Sessions reflects Sabrina Lastman gift of storytelling. It does not matter if it is an improvised wordless tale, a poetic interpretation sung in Spanish or Portuguese, or her thoughts put to music. It is always a vivid story, full of passionate dramatic nuances, elegance and charm and with a touch of irony.


Album of the Week: Piazzolla in Brooklyn, Pablo Aslan Quintet

Album of the Week: Piazzolla in Brooklyn, Pablo Aslan Quintet

Piazzolla In Brooklyn
Pablo Aslan Quintet
Soundbrush Records

It's actually pretty difficult to judge something like musical quality; your personal conclusions all tend to be based around your perspective. Different people arrive into their conclusions from diverse backgrounds and varying experiences that color their opinions about music. Studied musicians make conscious choices ...