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Moon Trio: Moon Trio: Earth-Time

Read "Moon Trio: Earth-Time" reviewed by Marithe Van der Aa

Graceful melodies and grooves merge together effortlessly on the debut album of this recently formed trio led by Dutch pianist Jeroen Van Vliet. With the help of occasional electronic effects, Van Vliet and his trio create soundscapes of a dreamlike quality that trigger and inspire the imagination.

While it is far from uncommon for contemporary ...


Quincy Jones And His Orchestra: Live In Ludwigshafen 1961

Read "Live In Ludwigshafen 1961" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Artistic dreams and financial realities are rarely in alignment. That's a sad fact that the great Quincy Jones learned the hard way at the dawn of the '60s. Jones was in Europe at the time, directing a dream orchestra that he put together for the musical Free And Easy. When that show closed in February of ...


FatsO: On Tape

Read "On Tape" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Arriva da Bogotà questo abbastanza sorprendente settetto che mostra di aver ascoltato con grande attenzione la musica (canzone e non) a stelle e strisce degli ultimi decenni, specificatamente Tom Waits, se proprio vogliamo essere ancora più precisi soprattutto quello ruspante e fumoso (non che il restante non lo sia) di album tipo Nighthawks at the Diner ...


Simin Tander: Where Water Travels Home

Read "Where Water Travels Home" reviewed by Ian Patterson

A typical jazz format perhaps, but the delivery on Simon Tander's second CD is anything but typical. As on her memorable debut Wagma (Neuklang Records, 2011), Tander sings in various languages--English, French--and in her improvised language. Here, however, Tander explores her roots by singing in pashto--her Afghan father's language--with mesmerizing results. On Wagma, Tander already sounded ...