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The Inspiration Behind The Versions Of "Santa Baby" Remakes... Hint, Never Marilyn Monroe!

The Inspiration Behind The Versions Of "Santa Baby" Remakes... Hint, Never Marilyn Monroe!

Sultry Jazz Pop singer, actress, NOBEL Nominated CYNTHIA BASINET whose ICONIC version of SANTA BABY, that has often be mistaken for Marilyn Monroe all though Marilyn never sang the song, has been the inspiration behind the versions of Santa Baby recorded to date since 2000, whether well-known or not. Cynthia’s one off of Eartha Kitt’s renowned Holiday Tune is a true ...


Ian Dury: "More Than Fair" Art Exhibition

Read "Ian Dury: "More Than Fair" Art Exhibition" reviewed by Sammy Stein

By the time Ian Dury had his first major hit, he was 35 years old. With frightening speed he and his band became household names and Dury remained a national treasure until his death at the age of 57 in 2000.

However, before the Kilburns, the Blockheads or the Music Students, before he was bewitched ...


Jazz Musician of the Day: Marilyn Monroe

Jazz Musician of the Day: Marilyn Monroe

All About Jazz is celebrating Marilyn Monroe's birthday today!

Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe was a Golden Globe Award-winning American Hollywood legend, movie star, actress, singer, model and pop icon. She became known for her comedic skills and screen presence, going on to become one of the most popular movie stars of the ...


Chris May's Best Jazz Books of 2012

Read "Chris May's Best Jazz Books of 2012" reviewed by Chris May

Are the best books always about the past rather than the present, or is it simply easier to write about events on which the dust has settled? Whatever. These three books are all about the past and each is outstanding.

Matthew Ruddick

Funny Valentine: The Story Of Chet Baker

Grippingly written and meticulously ...


Bob Willoughby: Jazz - Body and Soul

Read "Bob Willoughby: Jazz - Body and Soul" reviewed by Chris May

Jazz: Body and Soul

Bob Willoughby

176 pages, hardback, slipcase

ISBN: 978 1 901268 58 4

Evans Mitchell Books


To the wider world, Bob Willoughby is the Los Angeles photographer who took a raft of iconic photographs of movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe ...


1959: The Year Classic Albums Were Born

Read "1959: The Year Classic Albums Were Born" reviewed by R.J. DeLuke

When the year 1959 began, there were only 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii would became part of the United States during that annum, the third year of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's second term. It was the year Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba and took a goodwill tour of the U.S., two months after an ...


For Sale: Eternity with Marilyn Monroe

For Sale: Eternity with Marilyn Monroe

Elsie Poncher wants to sell the crypt, now occupied by her husband, above the actress to help pay off her Beverly Hills mortgage. Her starting price on EBay: $500,000. The crypt of her husband, Richard, which is directly above that of Marilyn Monroe.

Richard Poncher's eternal sleep will soon be disrupted.

The onetime Beverly ...