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Jazz Found Alive! Man In Blue Suede Shoes Wanted For Questioning.

Read "Jazz Found Alive! Man In Blue Suede Shoes Wanted For Questioning." reviewed by Duncan Heining

Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra
LSO St. Lukes
October 17, 2015

The gap between the music that Colin Towns makes and much that currently passes for jazz grew even wider last weekend. Performing compositions from his new double CD Drama with his stellar Mask Orchestra, the composer-bandleader revealed the music's potential ...


Graham Collier: Luminosity

Read "Graham Collier: Luminosity" reviewed by Duncan Heining

A new work, posthumously released and recorded--how many of those can there have been in jazz? Luminosity features two late works by composer Graham Collier brought to realisation through the efforts of his partner, author John Gill and conductor Geoff Warren. To say this record is a fine valediction is a statement infused with regret. These ...


Kyle Eastwood: The View From Here

Read "The View From Here" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Kyle Eastwood's boyhood in Carmel, California, may have been where and when he began his love of jazz, but as an adult his love of France seems to impact more and more on his music. Eastwood's sixth album, The View From Here, doesn't always show this influence explicitly but it's there nonetheless and it's giving the ...


Kyle Eastwood: Songs From The Chateau

Read "Songs From The Chateau" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Kyle Eastwood's career encompasses the writing of film soundtracks, as well as the life of a jazz composer, bandleader and bassist. On those seemingly rare occasions when he isn't working, Eastwood spends much of his time in France. Songs From The Chateau is his fifth album since 1998's debut, From There To Here (Sony), and his ...


Delta Saxophone Quartet: Dedicated to You... But You Weren't Listening - The Music of Soft Machine

Read "Dedicated to You... But You Weren't Listening - The Music of Soft Machine" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Un improbabile progetto, come quello che vede la musica dei Soft Machine affidata ad un quartetto di sax che si occupa normalmente di musica da camera d’avanguardia, si rivela invece un azzardo perfettamente riuscito e questo eccellente album, pubblicato dalla Moonjune Records, rimarrà certamente una pietra miliare sia per la carriera artistica dei quattro non più giovanissimi musicisti ...