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2018 Galway Jazz Festival 2018: Day 4

Read "2018 Galway Jazz Festival 2018: Day 4" reviewed by James Fleming

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Various Artists
Various Venues
2018 Galway Jazz Festival
Galway, Ireland
October 7, 2018

On the screen at Galway's Pálás cinema, Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Washington and Ray Charles repeated their famed performance from the 1958 Newport Jazz ...


French Connections - The Jazzdor Experience

Read "French Connections - The Jazzdor Experience" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Jazzdor is a French festival with two annual editions. The main part is held in the Strasbourg area (France) in November and the other one in Berlin (Germany) in June. Both editions present a considerable number of bilateral and multilateral collaborations; an essential part of the festival's philosophy and policy.

The Strasbourg festival is ...


Wolfert Brederode Quartet: Post Scriptum

Read "Post Scriptum" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

ECM Records has a way of offering up music from various artists that seems as if it has existed forever--in nature, in the air--and that they, the label and the artists involved--be it pianists Tord Gustavsen or Bobo Stenson, or saxophonist Jan Garbarek--are simply conduits for grabbing those sounds and bringing them to the listening/CD-buying public. ...


Dan McClenaghan's Best Releases of 2010

Read "Dan McClenaghan's Best Releases of 2010" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

These are the CDs that never roamed away from the current listening shelf.

Jessica Williams


Origin Records

Masterpiece isn't a word to be tossed around lightly. Jessica Williams, with the eighty-eight piano keys and a lifetime of musical immersion, has created one with this recording.


Christian Weidner: The Inward Song

Read "The Inward Song" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

On The Inward Song, German alto saxophonist Christian Weidner has crafted music that defies categorization more than most--a slippery sound in terms of tagging it with descriptive phrases. Weidner employs a quartet this time out, following up the trio effort of his first Pirouet Records release, 2004's Choral. This new foursome is a remarkably cohesive ensemble, ...


Christian Weidner: The Inward Song

Read "The Inward Song" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The Inward Song is hardly the quiet, introverted recital of music that might be expected, given the album's title. While alto saxophonist Christian Weidner does throw in a few pieces that fit nicely under this banner, the music on this CD also demonstrates a great deal of range.

A case in point is ...