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A Musical Portrait of Ken Vandermark

Read "A Musical Portrait of Ken Vandermark" reviewed by Centro d'Arte Padova

For our second contribution to All About Jazz's Mixcloud column, we introduce a mixtape series that we've curated since 2016, entitled “50/50." Through these selections we aim to present a comprehensive overview of the artists invited to play at Centro d'Arte through a mix of their music, curated by us, and of music that inspires them, ...


The Vandermark 5: Annular Gift

Read "Annular Gift" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The Vandermark 5's Annular Gift is its most accessible and swinging recording to date. Recorded live (one reason) in Krakow, Poland, the quintet has come together (reason two) as a true aggregate of players.

This is their fifteenth official release (there have been some CD-Rs and compilation discs) and third for the Polish label Not Two. ...


Atomic: Retrograde

Read "Retrograde" reviewed by John Kelman

Plenty has been written about the intersection--past and present--between members of the Swedish/Norwegian collective Atomic, and Chicago's Ken Vandermark's countless projects. Most telling, perhaps, is this simple fact: were Atomic American-based, there's little doubt it would garner similar accolades from a considerably larger audience unafraid of the kind of fearless experimentation that's been the quintet's signature ...


The Vandermark 5: A Discontinuous Line

Read "A Discontinuous Line" reviewed by Nic Jones

Ken Vandermark could never be accused of wasting time, and while this particular documentation of his music lacks the rarefied air of his work with the SIA trio from earlier in 2006, this programme comes from an aesthetically different place. Vandermark's artistry is far from mono-dimensional.

Also, the dynamics of the V5 are of a radically ...


The Vandermark 5: A Discontinuous Line

Read "A Discontinuous Line" reviewed by John Kelman

Woodwind multi-instrumentalist Ken Vandermark has seen a number of personnel changes in his decade-old flagship group, the Vandermark 5. But when charter member Jeb Bishop left last year, Vandermark made the decision not to replace him with another trombonist. The Color of Memory (Atavistic, 2005) stands, as a result, as a high point and watershed mark ...


The Vandermark 5: A Discontinuous Line

Read "A Discontinuous Line" reviewed by Troy Collins

A Discontinuous Line is the first studio recording of the new incarnation of the Vandermark 5, Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Ken Vandermark's most enduring and versatile ensemble. The Vandermark 5 has been an acoustic quintet since trombonist/guitarist Jeb Bishop dropped the electric instrument from his arsenal in 2001, taking his final leave last year. With the arrival of ...


The Vandermark 5: Free Jazz Classics Vols. 3 & 4

Read "Free Jazz Classics Vols. 3 & 4" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Terzo e quarto volume della serie Free Jazz Classics, originariamente abbinati come “bonus disc" alle prime copie degli ultimi due dischi in studio dei Vandermark 5 con ancora il trombonista Jeb Bishop in formazione, qui riuniti in un doppio come fu per i loro fratelli maggiori, questi “percorsi" di rilettura del repertorio di Sonny Rollins e ...


The Vandermark 5: Free Jazz Classics Vol. 3 & 4

Read "Free Jazz Classics Vol. 3 & 4" reviewed by Troy Collins

In his liner notes, multi-instrumentalist and composer Ken Vandermark proclaims that his time covering jazz standard repertoire has passed: “The fourth volume of Free Jazz Classics will likely be the last. Though I have learned a great deal by rearranging some of my favorite composers' work ... it's time to leave that process behind and focus ...


The Vandermark 5: The Color of Memory

Read "The Color of Memory" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

"That Was Now," the opener on the two-disc set The Color of Memory, jumps out of the speakers, in a kick ass and take names later mode; and from the perspective of an ear that had never heard this group before--based on this introduction--it struck me as a pared-down Dixieland band pumped up on some serious ...


The Vandermark 5: The Color of Memory

Read "The Vandermark 5: The Color of Memory" reviewed by Rex  Butters

The Vandermark 5
The Color of Memory

Close on the heels of the wondrous twelve-CD Alchemia live set, the Vandermark 5 return with a collection of studio recordings vividly displaying the glorious results of a five-year working association. Whether a subtle exercise in abstract minimalism or ...