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Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom: No Morphine No Lilies

Read "No Morphine No Lilies" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

No Morphine No Lilies è album che soddisferà palati eterogenei, trasversali, curiosi, esigenti. La batterista e compositrice Allison Miller ha frequentato nel corso della sua carriera ambiti e ambienti musicali i più disparati trovando nella formazione denominata Boom Tic Boom - qui al secondo lavoro discografico dopo l'omonimo, acclamato album di debutto - il tramite ideale ...


Honey Ear Trio: Steampunk Serenade

Read "Steampunk Serenade" reviewed by Troy Collins

Building on an established legacy, Honey Ear Trio updates the time honored acoustic instrumentation of the classic saxophone trio with a subtle use of electronics on their debut Steampunk Serenade. Saxophonist Erik Lawrence, bassist Rene Hart and drummer Allison Miller draw upon their diverse experiences in an array of popular music forms (rock, soul, folk) to ...


Allison Miller: Boom Tic Boom

Read "Boom Tic Boom" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Nel jazz, le presenze femminili non sono molto numerose. Ancora più raro, trovarle sedute dietro piatti e tamburi. Inevitabile dunque affrontare con particolare curiosità l'ascolto di questo album di Allison Miller, realizzato in trio con Todd Sickafoose e Myra Melford. La Miller vanta un curriculum di tutto rispetto, sia in ambito pop (le sue collaborazioni più ...


Allison Miller: Boom Tic Boom

Read "Boom Tic Boom" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Just say yes to records led by drummers. Why? Because drummers may rarely be the leaders or composers, but they're always the soul of any good recording. Where's Coltrane without Jones, or Jarrett without DeJohnette? Nowhere. That's why, when a session is commanded by a percussionist, as is Boom Tic Boom by drummer Allison Miller, there ...


Allison Miller: Boom Tic Boom

Read "Boom Tic Boom" reviewed by Lyn Horton

Opening with a set of cymbal crashes amid a tight-knit kit rumble that segues into the rhythmic pulse, drummer Allison Miller begins her second album with “Cheyenne," one of four original compositions written for this group. Joining Miller in her trio are Myra Melford (piano) and Todd Sickafoose (bass). Violinist Jenny Scheinman does a sprightly guest ...


Victor Prieto: Persistencia

Read "Persistencia" reviewed by Marcia Hillman

On Victor Prieto's debut recording, the accomplished Spanish accordionist has chosen to approach his instrument in a new way. Aided by bassist Carlo DeRosa and drummer Allison Miller, Prieto included Egberto Gismonti's “Frevo, John Coltrane's “26-2 and Astor Piazzolla's “Libertango in a program with six original compositions. Starting with “Frevo, Prieto immediately dazzles ...

Victor Prieto: Persistencia

Read "Persistencia" reviewed by Tom Greenland

Originally from Orense, Spain, accordionist Victor Prieto brings old-world charm and a new-fangled approach to jazz. Prieto's debut CD release, Persistencia, featuring Carlo DeRosa on acoustic bass and Allison Miller on trap drums, showcases the leader's unique approach to harmony, melody, and tone, effectively translating the accordionist's unique jazz sensibility via an unusual instrumental vehicle. The ...

Victor Prieto: Persistencia

Read "Persistencia" reviewed by William Grim

Spanish-born jazz accordionist Victor Prieto is the most exciting such player to come on the scene since Eddie Monteiro. Melding Argentine and Brazilian influences with a bop sensibility, Prieto gives the lie to all of the nasty things that have been said over the years about the much-maligned squeezebox. Backed by Rachel Z drummer ...


Victor Prieto: Persistencia

Read "Persistencia" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La Foxhaven Records è una giovane etichetta indipendente, con un catalogo ancora in divenire ma dalla linea artistica ben chiara: recuperare artisti del passato e valorizzare musicisti emergenti, come il fisarmonicista Victor Prieto, il tutto con un attenzione particolare alla qualità sonora. Nativo di Orense (Spagna) ma da tempo residente a New York, Victor Prieto è ...


Victor Prieto: Persistencia

Read "Persistencia" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Trios are sensitive things. They take a jump in the complexity from duos, yet can't be split into rhythm and lead instruments like quartets. To create a cohesive sound, all the members of the trio must be listening carefully to the overall balance. Each can essentially be a soloist at a different level. The trio that ...


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