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Nicola Conte: Other Directions

Read "Other Directions" reviewed by Chris May

Since debuting with the quintessential acid-jazz suite Jet Sounds on the Milan-based label Schema in 2000, the composer, arranger, producer and guitarist Nicola Conte has released another ten exquisitely beautiful albums exploring acid jazz, spiritual jazz, soul jazz and bossa nova, often all on the same disc. Conte also produces other artists and has curated rare-groove ...


Nicola Conte: Rituals

Read "Rituals" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Strano destino, quello di Nicola Conte, artista dalle notevoli potenzialità, grande conoscitore del jazz [e non solo] dei decenni passati, straordinario remixatore e compilatore, ma rimasto probabilmente prigioniero di una visione miope e troppo rassicurante di quello stesso jazz da cui trae il proprio linguaggio: a quattro anni di distanza dal precedente Other Directions, che già ci aveva ...


Steve Evans Quartet: 2 Sets

Read "2 Sets" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Steve Evans è un giovane cantante di Chicago con una solida preparazione classica, ma ammaliato dal jazz - è stato allievo dell'ottimo Kevin Mahogany - ha costituito un classico quartetto e si tuffa ora in quella nicchia di mercato spianata da Micheal Bublè. Il repertorio scelto per i due immaginari set di questo lavoro spazia da un blues ...


Balan: More

Read "More" reviewed by Ernesto De Pascale

During the Swinging Sixties, the most respected Italian composers and performers found work recording the prettier reflections of what was then the in sound. Despite extensive jazz backgrounds and advanced musical educations, these musicians were reduced to simply saying what people wanted to hear. It was in films that such Italian maestros as Ennio ...


The Cabildos: Cross Fire

Read "Cross Fire" reviewed by Douglas Payne

This is the second disc by mysterious keyboardist John Cabildo that the Italian label Schema has released in the last year. The first, Yuxtapocision, under the nom de disc of Cabildo's Three, was a gem of light, tight, funky grooves. This one – presumably recorded in Miami sometime in the mid-70s, too – is less interesting ...


The Cabildo's Three: Cabildo's Three - Yuxtaposicion

Read "Cabildo's Three - Yuxtaposicion" reviewed by David Corrigan

The Cabildo's Three are a bit of a mystery mainly due to the obscurity of the original release and the limited, pigeon English sleeve notes on this Italian re-issue. Originally released in the 70's on the Thuban Six label and recorded in Miami, further details are unclear.

What is clear however is that the trio are ...


The Cabildo's Three: Yuxtaposici

Read "Yuxtaposici" reviewed by Douglas Payne

Yuxtaposición is a recently unearthed treasure recorded by a tight Italian trio in Miami during the early seventies. Until now, this music has only been heard in office backgrounds, TV commercials and movie soundtracks. But the perseverance of an admirer brought about its first-ever release on the Italian Schema label.

Imagine hearing a 1972-era Cal Tjader ...