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Adison Evans: Meridian

Read "Meridian" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

On her second release as a leader, the buoyant Meridian, saxophonist Adison Evans demonstrates remarkable maturity as both a composer and a performer. Evans drew inspiration from the idyllic Tuscan village where she retreated to pen the music that comprises this intriguing album.

The opening title-track sets the mood with the right balance of ...


Radio Intro: Sketches on the Radio

Read "Sketches on the Radio" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Radio Intro is a duo project of Israeli pianist Yakir Arbib & Italian drummer Roberto Giaquinto. Arbib is an award-winning pianist (he won Second Prize at the Montreux International Piano Jazz Competition in July, 2015) equally skilled in classical music and jazz--he has a special interest in restoring the role of improvisation to classical music performance, ...


NYC Saxophonist Adison Evans Celebrates The Hero In All Of Us

NYC Saxophonist Adison Evans Celebrates The Hero In All Of Us

Known for her work with Beyoncé, Jay Z and Demi Lovato; Adison Evans draws on her influences, travels and life experience HEROes that have influenced her both musically and personally for a deeply personal offering, that encompasses a love for jazz, R&B and positive affirmation. Adison Evans is a dynamic millennial who has shared the stage with ...


Adison Evans: Hero

Read "Hero" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

In the span of mere 5-6 years saxophonist Adison Evans has forged a versatile career. Her approach to all genres of popular music and jazz has the same exuberant spirit and impeccable musicianship. Hence she embodies the oft quoted, or rather misquoted, genre defying adage “There are only two kinds of music good and bad" and ...