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Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology

Read "Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology" reviewed by Duncan Heining

My intention here is to offer a detailed but inevitably incomplete chronology of poetry and jazz. The focus is solely on the combination of the two art forms in performance, not on poetry about jazz or jazz musicians or poetry inspired by jazz but not performed to music. My definition of 'poetry' is fairly broad and ...


Salim Washington: To Be Moved to Speak

Read "Salim Washington: To Be Moved to Speak" reviewed by Seton Hawkins

To audiences in Boston or New York, Salim Washington is not just a great musician, he is a community builder. Having first established the Roxbury Blues Aesthetic, then the Harlem Arts Ensemble, Washington has throughout his career carefully nurtured collectives of musicians who in turn generated irreplaceable music scenes at venues like Connolly's in Boston and ...


Presenting Problem

Read "Presenting Problem" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Jazz often appears to exist within its own cultural and artistic paradigm, isolated from other arts and in its own discreet musical corner. Worse still from the perspective of those who would hope to make a living from it, it often seems that more people want to play the music than listen to it or, more ...

Meet "Jazz Judy" Judy Balos

Read "Meet "Jazz Judy" Judy Balos" reviewed by Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper

“Jazz Judy" Balos has earned her nickname. A live music fan since the age of 16 when she saw Nina Simone in concert, this New Yorker has been going out to hear live jazz four or five times a week (sometimes even two or three times a day) for over 50 years; she's even traveled to ...


Intervista a Beppe Scardino

Read "Intervista a Beppe Scardino" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Sassofonista baritono, clarinettista basso e compositore quanto mai versatile, Beppe Scardino è da un decennio una figura centrale del jazz italiano più creativo. Lo abbiamo incontrato nei giorni dell'ultima edizione di Young Jazz, nel maggio 2015, e ci ha gentilmente concesso quest'intervista: ricorda alcune tappe centrali della sua carriera e ci parla dei progetti futuri.


Marc Ribot a Brescia

Read "Marc Ribot a Brescia" reviewed by Luca Canini

Marc Ribot Trio
Jazz in Eden
Nuovo Eden

Di Albert Ayler ce n'è sempre stato parecchio nella musica di Marc Ribot. Forse non tutti se n'erano accorti, ma già prima del disco manifesto Spiritual Unity, uscito nel 2005, la fatale attrazione per il sassofonista di Cleveland aveva fatto capolino ...


Intervista a Dimitri Grechi Espinoza

Read "Intervista a Dimitri Grechi Espinoza" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Dimitri Grechi Espinoza è uno dei musicisti più originali e atipici del nostro paese. Titolare di vari gruppi--dal noto Dinamitri Jazz Folklore (clicca qui per leggere la recensione di un recente concerto del gruppo) all'Artistic Alternative, fino al duo con Tito Mangialajo Rantzer (clicca qui per leggere la recensione del “secondo volume" del loro When We ...


Vision Festival 19 Concludes With Pianos And A Voice.

Vision Festival 19 Concludes With Pianos And A Voice.

Along with the celebrations of Amiri Baraka and Roy Campbell on the final day of Vision Festival 19 are several ensemble situations for piano from a duet fir Angelica Sanchez, a trio for Connie Crothers and the venerable Dave Burrell in striking quartet with Kidd Jordan, William Parker and Hamid Drake. And the voice of Fay Victor in a drum duet makes ...


Vision Festival 19 Welcomes Whit Dickey And James Blood Ulmer

Vision Festival 19 Welcomes Whit Dickey  And James Blood Ulmer

In addition to celebrations of Roy Campbell and Amiri Baraka, the creators of Vision Festival love to support under appreciated masters such as Whit Dickey. And they craft special gatherings such as a revisit of a ground breaking James Blood Ulmer unit called The Music Revelation Ensemble. Whit Dickey will lead his quartet in the opening performance and the Music Revelation Ensemble will ...


Vision 19 Honors A New Generation Of Vision Artists

Vision 19 Honors A New Generation Of Vision Artists

Honoring a New Generation of Vision Artists. Music and Art calls each generation. The Vision continues with important younger artists like Mary Halvorson and Susan Alcorn and Fay Victor with Tyshawn Sorrey. There are a few excellent young musicians playing with Charles Gayle, like Shayna Dulberger, Ingrid Laubrock and Mazz Swift. Michael Wimberly has put together an eclectic group of younger and older musicians ...