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Songbook Watch Party with Host Dominick Farinacci


Giving Thanks & Sharing the Jazz Love

Giving Thanks & Sharing the Jazz Love
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As always, we're celebrating Thanksgiving by recognizing two very important groups of people: our fund drive supporters who helped make much of the 2019 website improvements possible and our staff who contributed articles and reviews to All About Jazz daily. Both contributions are immeasurable and we thank you all for your generosity, passion and friendship. The good people who support this website are as cool and as essential as the music itself. Thanks again!

A daily commitment since 1995

At All About Jazz and Jazz Near You, we celebrate jazz every day. We publish new content seven days a week, including articles, news announcements, free tracks, photos, musician pages, and we host the most active jazz events calendar on the web.

With an international collection of volunteer writers, staff members and a modest but resourceful technical team, we continually improve all facets of All About Jazz and Jazz Near You.

We listen and we learn

It's suggestions from folks like you that have helped shape our direction over the past 24 years and nowhere is this more apparent than our musician database where we host over 110,000 pages. Our ongoing mission is to identify the needs of performing/recording artists and develop web-based solutions to support their careers. It's worked out well over the years: We've helped musicians secure gigs, establish tours, get reviewed, sell music, find students or simply get discovered.

We've experienced 24 good years, and we'd like to continue to support the music we know and love through regular improvements to the All About Jazz platform.

Making a good thing, great!

There are some fast and easy ways to support the future of All About Jazz and Jazz Near You, and your help will ensure that we continue to improve the premiere jazz destination on the internet.

  • Mention All About Jazz and Jazz Near You to a jazz-loving friend. We continually receive emails from readers who discovered us for the first time which means we need to continue to spread the word.

  • Share All About Jazz and Jazz Near You links on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

  • Add a link to All About Jazz or Jazz Near You on your website or blog. Learn how here.

  • Initiate your next Amazon purchase at All About Jazz. When you do, AAJ is paid a small commission. Look for the Amazon box in the right column of most AAJ pages and start your shopping there.

  • Click on our ads. All About Jazz and Jazz Near You rely 100% on advertising support and you can help our cause by clicking on the ads that appeal to you most.

  • Last, but not least, you can contribute to our ongoing fund drive. We have several new projects in the pipeline, inclduing contest giveaways and a community forum, and plan to make 2019 just like 2018; a year of pushing the boundaries to support jazz music online.

    If you love AAJ like we do and believe in our potential to preserve and promote jazz online, then please make a contribution today.


    From the order page, select the amount then check out. Thank you!

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