Céline Bonacina, Keith Jarrett, Carla Marciano and More New Releases

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Another week repleate with deliciuos new releases, from those of European jazz queens Celine Bonacina, Yazz Ahmed and Carla Marciano, to the Pan-African manifesto of Russell Gunn's Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra, to the collaborative trios of Ben Perowsky—-John MedeskiChris Speed, Zach BrockMatt UleryJon Deitemyer, and Alban DarcheMatthieu Donarier—Meivelyan Jacquot, not to mention the latest by Keith Jarrett and the first by Harish Raghavan.

What a bonanza to be grateful for!

Happy listening!

  • Ben Allison "Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00
  • Ben Perowsky, John Medeski, Chris Speed "Sidecar" Upstream (Self-released) 0:16
  • Host talks 7:11
  • Céline Bonacina "Ivre Sagesse" Fly Fly (Cristal) 8:29
  • Yazz Ahmed "Ruby Bridges" Polyhymnia (Ropeadope) 13:04
  • Carla Marciano Quartet "Theme from "Harry Potter" (Hedwig's Theme)" Psychosis -Homage to Bernard Herrmann (Challenge) 22:38
  • Host talks 32:17
  • The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra "Voyage of the Pyramid Builders" Pyramids (Ropeadope) 34:17
  • The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra "Olmec (Xi)" Pyramids (Ropeadope) 39:36
  • The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra "Pan-Afrikan Benediction" Pyramids (Ropeadope) 41:44
  • Michael Kiwanuka "Rolling" KIWANUKA (Polydor) 45:17
  • Host talks 48:14
  • Zach Brock, Matt Ulery, Jon Deitemyer "Levelled" Wonderment (Woolgathering) 49:24
  • Keith Jarrett "Part IV" Munich 2016 (Live) (ECM) 54:51
  • Alban Darche "Roadmap" Longboard: Being Wild (Yolk) 58:35
  • Host talks 1:01:26
  • Harish Raghavan "Sangeet" Calls for Action (Whirlwind) 1:03:38

Photo credit: Ralf Dombrowski


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