Bird Dogs and Licorice Sticks

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Sam Sadigursky is a special guest for this go-round, and the talk ranges from his pledge of fidelity to the clarinet, to his experiences in Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, to his lengthy tour of duty in a big time Broadway production, to his thoughts about bass-clarinet specialist Jason Stein. After he escapes the bastards' clutches, talk turns to two brand new releases and then settles, as it should, on Curtis Mayfield's fashion choices in Pop Matters.


  • Explanation of why Sam gets an emoji but Mike doesn't. 0:20
  • Sam talks about the long and winding road to clarinet fealty. 2:15
  • Sam talks about his tenure in Darcy James Argue's Secret Society. 12:50
  • Discussion of Sam Sadigursky's album Follow the Stick (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records) 19:15
  • Discussion of Jason Stein's album Lucille (Delmark) 40:20
  • Sam talks about his fascination with "Borscht Belt" music and his upcoming project. 56:30
  • Discussion of Marquis Hill's album Love Tape (Self Released) 1:04:10
  • Discussion of Jamie Branch's album Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (Self Produced) 1:20:00
  • Pop Matters 1:32:00


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