Bastards under the Mistletoe

Patrick Burnette By

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The holidays and jazz go together like milk and cookies left out for Santa. You're not sure if they're going to be taken or will still be there getting warm in the morning, but it's the spirit of the thing that matters. In this very special episode, the boys look at various holiday jazz offerings (three by individual artists, one compilation, one attempt to "jazz" the liturgy and a brand new entry in the jazz Christmas sweepstakes from newcomers and internet sensations ChimyTina.


  • Discussion of Stan Kenton's album A Merry Christmas (Capitol) 10:08
  • Discussion of Paul Horn's album Jazz Suite on Mass Texts (RCA) 20:40
  • Discussion of Dave McKenna's album Christmas Ivory (Concord) 31:30
  • Discussion of Geri Allen's album A Child Is Born (Motema) 40:05
  • Discussion of ChimyTina's album A Very ChimyTina Christmas (Outside in Music) 48:05
  • Discussion of Jingle Bell Jazz (Columbia) 59:40
  • Pop Matters 1:18:10


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