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Album Review

Michael Bisio: Inimitable

Read "Inimitable" reviewed by John Sharpe

Although unaccompanied recordings certainly had a moment during the pandemic, bassist Michael Bisio's Inimitable was actually recorded a few weeks before Covid upended the world. While he is a bandleader of some accomplishment, with a string of excellent albums from his quartet in the mid-2000s, and recent dates which include Row For William O (Relative Pitch, 2016) and Requiem For A New York Slice (Iluso, 2019), he may be best known for his association with two free music stalwarts, pianist ...


Album Review

Michael Bisio Quartet: MBefore

Read "MBefore" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

In the dark days of Covid and the lingering return to normality, only a handful of musicians managed to be prolific. Fewer remained relevant. Bassist & composer Michael Bisio is among the more productive artists, with half a dozen releases during the pandemic. Add to that collection MBefore, with the bassist's new namesake quartet. The album was recorded at Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, New York, in March 2021, and includes liner notes by Matthew Shipp. The group comprised some top—if ...


Radio & Podcasts

Michael Bisio, Erik Fratzke, Lisa Ullen & Barber Mouse

Read "Michael Bisio, Erik Fratzke, Lisa Ullen & Barber Mouse" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

This episode is packed with music from some terrific new releases you should check out— St. Paul guitarist/bassist Erik Fratzke's Fake Accent, Gordon Grdina's Arabic-flavoured Haram, Mostly Other People Do The Killing, bassist Michael Bisio's excellent Mbefore , and European trios led by Sweden's Lisa Ullén, Germany's Felix Hauptmann, and Italy's Barber Mouse with a novel take on Thelonious Monk. Playlist Fear Of Faces “The Mismeasure of Man Part I" from The Mismeasure Of Man (SATA) 00:00 Fear ...



Michael Bisio: In His Own Words

Read "Michael Bisio: In His Own Words" reviewed by Mark Corroto

If you happen to be a liner note geek you probably have noticed the name Michael Bisio mentioned frequently on album sleeves. Whether the author is the session leader or analyst, the general consensus is the bassist is the cornerstone upon which great music is built. His playing allows a fellow musician to access not only other player's innovations, but also their own wellspring of creativity and imagination. The bassist was quite busy in 2021 with an abundance of albums ...


Album Review

Michael Bisio: Inimitable

Read "Inimitable" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Bassist and composer Michael Bisio has appeared on more than one hundred recordings, including numerous appearances with Tomas Ulrich, Ivo Perelman, Joe McPhee, and a regular partnership with Matthew Shipp. More than a dozen of his albums feature the bassist as a leader or co-leader but only one, Travel Music (Self-produced, 2011) has been a solo project. More than ten years on, Bisio returns to that format with Inimitable on the South Korean label, Mung Records. The album's ...


Album Review

Michael Bisio: Accortet

Read "Accortet" reviewed by John Sharpe

A history of the accordion in jazz would be a slight volume. The accordion sits midway between horn and keyboard, and perhaps it's a surprise given its versatility that it doesn't have a higher profile. Klezmer influenced companies apart, the rollcall at the exploratory end of the spectrum would include Anthony Braxton (of course), The Claudia Quintet, and Gato Libre, but not too much else. To that roster must now be added Michael Bisio's Accortet. The bassist's outfit investigates the ...


Album Review

Michael Bisio: Accortet

Read "Accortet" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There is a cartoon circulating the internet that depicts a criminal suspect being interrogated by police. Also in the room is a jazz bassist. The detective tells his partner, “he'll talk, everyone talks during the bass solo." That may be true, unless the bassist is Michael Bisio. Whether performing with pianist Matthew Shipp or saxophonist Ivo Perelman, Bisio's presence is always prominent and unmistakable. His collaborations always tend to be more than accompaniment. He is the constant yin to another ...


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