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Album Review

John Moulder: Metamorphosis

Read "Metamorphosis" reviewed by Jack Bowers

As approximately fifty of the sixty-eight minutes on Chicago-based guitarist John Moulder's new CD, Metamorphosis, are devoted to the seven-part “Metamorphosis Suite," that seems an appropriate point at which to start any appraisal of its contents and purpose. First and foremost, it is clear that considerable thought was given to mapping the structure of the suite, and that Moulder's quartet came well-prepared to accept and conform to his frame of mind. Whether the end result is worthy of approval is ...


Album Review

John Moulder Quintet: The Eleventh Hour: Live at the Green Mill

Read "The Eleventh Hour:  Live at the Green Mill" reviewed by Dave Sumner

Whereas many of Chicago's jazz and blues guitar icons seem to channel the dark alleys and the bar sign neon of the city through their instruments, John Moulder's sound is more akin to a synthesis of the lakefront--a beauty and serenity that is just as likely to show a face of fury and cold precision. For some time now, Moulder has quietly been developing his sound into something quite unique. The Eleventh Hour provides the opportunity to hear it in ...


Album Review

John Moulder: Bifrost

Read "Bifrost" reviewed by David Rickert

It's probably inevitable that any review of any of John Moulder's recordings will mention that he is a Catholic priest. Not only is this an interesting dichotomy for most of us to reconcile--a century ago, people in Moulder's profession were calling jazz the devil's music--but it's also an indication that, just maybe, in exchange for his service the Almighty Father rewarded him with a record as fantastic as Bifröst, one of the best jazz records of 2009.

Moulder is not ...


Album Review

John Moulder: Bifrost

Read "Bifrost" reviewed by John Kelman

A longtime member of ex-Pat Metheny Group drummer Paul Wertico's trio, enough has already been written about John Moulder's double life as jazz guitarist and ordained priest. Bifröst is Moulder's follow-up to the ambitious and eclectic Trinity (Origin, 2006), where the guitarist's spirituality became a touchstone for music ranging from the ethereal to the grounded, and from elegant folklore to potent, angst-driven fusion. What makes Bifröst even more satisfying is its narrowing of focus down from a larger cast of ...


Album Review

John Moulder: Trinity

Read "Trinity" reviewed by John Kelman

While it's possible to overstate the importance of parallel careers, it's difficult to avoid touching on the subject when it comes to John Moulder. The ordained priest has also managed an active musical career in Chicago as a guitarist, most notably as a member of ex-Pat Metheny Group drummer Paul Wertico's trio for the past 12 years. It's easy to forget Moulder's spiritual leanings on albums like Spirit Talk (Naim, 2003), a standards-based duo record with vibraphonist Ken Hall. But ...


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