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The First Generation 1965-1974

John Mayall

Label: Madfish Music
Released: 2021
Duration: 26:32:47
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CD 1 (John Mayall Plays John Mayall, 1965)

Crawling Up a Hill; I Wanna Teach You Everything; When I'm Gone; I Need Your Love; The Hoot Owl; R&B Time: Night Train/Lucille; Crocodile Walk; What's the Matter with You; Doreen; Runaway; Heartache: Chicago Line; Crocodile Walk (Bonus, Single Version).

CD 2 (I'm Your Witchdoctor/Telephone Blues single, 1965)

I'm Your Witchdoctor; Telephone Blues.

CD 3 (Lonely Years/"Bernard Jenkins" single, 1966)

Lonely Years; "Bernard Jenkins".

CD 4 (Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton Disc 1 (mono), 1966)

All Your Love; Hideaway; Little Girl; Another Man; Double Crossing Time; What'd I Say; Key to Love; Parchman Farm; Have You Heard; Ramblin' on My Mind; Steppin' Out; It Ain't Right.

CD 5 (Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton Disc 2 (stereo + bonus), 1966)

All Your Love; Hideaway; Little Girl; Another Man; Double Crossing Time; What'd I Say; Key to Love; Parchman Farm; Have You Heard; Ramblin' on My Mind; Steppin' Out; It Ain't Right; Intro into Maudie (Bonus, Live at the Flamingo Club, 1965/11); It Hurts to Be in Love (Bonus, Live at the Flamingo Club, 1965/11); Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Bonus, Live at the Flamingo Club, 1965/11); Bye Bye Bird (Bonus, Live at the Flamingo Club, 1965/11); I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Bonus, Live at the Flamingo Club, 1965/11).

CD 6 (All My Life EP, 1967)

All My Life; Ridin' on the L and N; Little by Little; Eagle Eye.

CD 7 (A Hard Road, 1967)

A Hard Road; It's Over; You Don't Love Me; The Stumble; Another Kinda Love; Hit the Highway; Leaping Christine; Dust My Blues; There's Always Work; The Same Way; The Supernatural; Top of the Hill; Someday After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry); Living Alone.

CD 8 (Crusade, 1967)

Oh, Pretty Woman; Stand Back Baby; My Time After Awhile; Snowy Wood; Man of Stone; Tears in My Eyes; Driving Sideways; The Death of J.B. Lenoir; I Can't Quit You Baby; Streamline; Me and My Woman; Checkin' Up on My Baby; Rubber Duck (Bonus).

CD 9 (The Blues Alone, 1967)

Brand New Start; Please Don't Tell; Down the Line; Sonny Boy Blow; Marsha's Mood; No More Tears; Catch That Train; Cancelling Out; Harp Man; Brown Sugar; Broken Wings; Don't Kick Me; Brand New Start (Bonus, First Version); Marsha's Mood (Bonus, First Version).

CD 10 (The Diary of a Band Volume One, 1967)

Blood on the Night; Edmonton - Cooks Ferry Inn (Impromptu); I Can't Quit You Baby; Medley (Keef Hartley Speech (Impromptu), Anzio Annie, Keef Hartley Interview into John Mayall Interview, Snowy Wood, John Mayall Interview, The Lesson); My Own Fault; God Save the Queen.

CD 11 (The Diary of a Band Volume Two, 1967)

Gimme Some Lovin' / The Train; Crying Shame; Local Boys Makes Good (Impromptu Speech Only); Help Me; Blues in B Flat; Soul of a Short Fat Man.

CD 12 (Bare Wires, 1968)

Bare Wires Suite; I'm a Stranger; No Reply; Hartley Quits; Killing Time; She's Too Young; Sandy; Intro - Look at the Girl (Bonus, Live at Falmer College, Brighton); Start Walkin' (Bonus, Live at Falmer College, Brighton).

CD 13 (Blues from Laurel Canyon, 1968)

Vacation; Walking on Sunset; Laurel Canyon Home; 2401; Ready to Ride; Medicine Man; Somebody's Acting Like a Child; The Bear; Miss James; First Time Alone; 1 Long Gone Midnight; Fly Tomorrow; 3 2401 (Bonus, Single Version); Wish You Were Mine (Bonus, Live in Sweden)

CD 14 (Looking Back, 1969)

Mr James; Blues City Shake Down; They Call It Stormy Monday; So Many Roads; Looking Back; Sitting in the Rain; It Hurts Me Too; Double Trouble; Suspicions; Jenny; Picture on the Wall.

CD 15 (The Turning Point, 1969)

The Laws Must Change; Saw Mill Gulch Road; I'm Gonna Fight for You J.B.; So Hard to Share; California; Thoughts About Roxanne; Room to Move; Sleeping by Her Side (Bonus); Don't Waste My Time (Bonus); Can't Sleep This Night (Bonus).

CD 16 (Empty Rooms, 1969)

Don't Waste My Time; Plan Your Revolution; Don't Pick a Flower; Something New; People Cling Together; Waiting for the Right Time; Thinking of My Woman; Counting the Days; When I Go; Many Miles Apart; to a Princess; Lying in My Bed.

CD 17 (USA Union, 1970)

Nature's Disappearing; You Must Be Crazy; Night Flyer; Off the Road; Possessive Emotions; Where Did My Legs Go; Took The Car; Crying; My Pretty Girl; Deep Blue Sea.

CD 18 (Back to the Roots Disc 1, 1970)

Prisons on the Road; My Children; Accidental Suicide; Groupie Girl; Blue Fox; Home Again; Television Eye; Marriage Madness; Looking at Tomorrow; Dream with Me; Full Speed Ahead; Mr Censor Man; Force of Nature; Boogie Albert.

CD 19 (Back to the Roots Disc 2, 1970)

Goodbye December; Unanswered Questions; Devil's Tricks; Travelling; Accidental Suicide (Bonus, Remix); Force of Nature (Bonus, Remix); Boogie Albert (Bonus, Remix); Television Eye (Bonus, Remix); Prisons on the Road (Bonus, Remix): Home Again (Bonus, Remix); Mr Censor Man (Bonus, Remix); Looking at Tomorrow (Bonus, Remix).

CD 20 (Thru the Years, 1971)

Crocodile Walk; My Baby Is Sweeter; Crawling Up a Hill; Mama, Talk to Your Daughter; Alabama Blues; Out of Reach; Greeny; Curly; Missing You; Please Don't Tell; Your Funeral and My Trial; Suspicions - Part 1; Knockers Step Forward; Hide and Seek.

CD 21 (Memories, 1971)

Memories; Wish I Knew a Woman; The City; Home in a Tree; Separate Ways; The Fighting Line; Grandad; Back from Korea; Nobody Cares; Play The Harp.

CD 22 (Jazz Blues Fusion, 1972)

Country Road; Mess Around; Good Times Boogie; Change Your Ways; Dry Throat; Exercise in C; Got to Be This Way.

CD 23 (Moving On, 1972)

Worried Mind; Keep Our Country Green; Christmas ’71; Things Go Wrong; Do It; Moving On; Red Sky; Reasons; High Pressure Living.

CD 24 (Ten Years Are Gone Disc 1, 1973)

Ten Years Are Gone; Driving Till the Break of Day; Drifting; Better Pass You By; California Campground; Undecided; Good Looking Stranger; I Sell Care; Don't Hang Me Up.

CD 25 (Ten Years Are Gone Disc 2, 1973)

Introduction; Sitting Here Thinking; Harmonica Free Form; Burning Sun; Dark of The Night.

CD 26 (The Latest Edition, 1974)

Gasoline Blues; Perfect Peace; Going to Take My Time; Deep Down Feelings; Troubled Times; The Pusher Man; One of the Few; Love Song; Little Kitten; a Crazy Game.

CD 27 (BBC Recordings 1964-1968 Disc 1)

Crawling Up a Hill (Saturday Club, 1965/04/26); Heartache (Saturday Club, 1965/04/26); Crocodile Walk (Saturday Club, 1965/04/26); Bye Bye Bird (Saturday Club, 1965/04/26); I'm Your Witchdoctor (Saturday Club, 1965/10/25); Cheatin' Woman (Saturday Club, 1965/10/25); Big Town Playboy (Saturday Club, 1965/10/25); Parchman Farm (Saturday Club, 1965/10/25); Nowhere to Turn (Saturday Club, 1965/10/25); Little Girl (Jazz Beat, 1966/02/09); Hideaway (Jazz Beat, 1966/02/09); Tears in My Eyes (Jazz Beat, 1966/02/09); Parchman Farm (Jazz Beat, 1966/02/09); Burning My Fingers (Saturday Club, 1966/03/14); All Your Love (Saturday Club, 1966/03/14); Stepping Out (Saturday Club, 1966/03/14); on Top of The World (Saturday Club, 1966/03/14); Key to Love (Saturday Club, 1966/03/14); Leaping Christine (Saturday Club, 1967/01/23); Sitting in the Rain (Saturday Club, 1967/01/23); Curly (Saturday Club, 1967/01/23); Ridin' on the L and N (Saturday Club, 1967/01/23); Dust My Blues (Saturday Club, 1967/01/23).

CD 28 (BBC Recordings 1964-1968 Disc 2)

No More Tears (Rhythm & Blues, 1967/02/03); Curly (Rhythm & Blues, 1967/02/03); The Last Time (Top Gear, 1967/10/30); Suspicions (Top Gear, 1967/10/30); Worried Love (Top Gear, 1967/10/30); Supermarket Day (Top Gear, 1967/10/30); Snowy Wood (Top Gear, 1967/10/30); Jenny (Top Gear, 1967/10/30); Sweet Sixteen (Blues in Britain, 1968/02/04); Interview with Alexis Korner (Blues in Britain, 1968/02/04); Another Man's Land (Blues in Britain, 1968/02/04); Picture on The Wall (Top Gear, 1968/03/26); Knockers Step Forward (Top Gear, 1968/03/26); The Last Time (Top Gear, 1968/03/26); Rock Me Baby (Top Gear, 1968/03/26); Oh, Pretty Woman (Top Gear, 1968/03/26); Long Gone Midnight (Radio One Club, 1968/11/12); It Hurts Me to Leave (Radio One Club, 1968/11/12).

CD 29 (Bromley Technical College, 1967)

New Start; Tears in My Eyes; Bye Bye Bird; Mama, Talk to Your Daughter; Double Trouble; Your Funeral and My Trial; Stand Back Baby; Some Day After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry); Looking Back.

CD 30 (Live, 1967)

Chicago Line (unedited); Your Funeral and My Trial; Four Million Knobs; Mama, Talk to Your Daughter; Intro/Chicago Line; Hi Heel Sneakers; San-Ho-Zay; Curly; Mama, Talk to Your Daughter; Telephone Blues; Brand New Start; Your Funeral and My Trial; Bad Boy; The Stumble.

CD 31 (37th National Jazz & Blues Festival, 1967)

Driving Sideways; I Can't Quit You Baby; Sonny Boy Blow; Stand Back Baby; Oh, Pretty Woman; It's My Own Fault; Ridin' on the L and N).

CD 32 (Gothenburg, 1968)

Oh Baby; Baby You're Wrong; Worried About You; Somebody's Acting Like a Child; Ooh Wee Baby (Don't Know What to Do); It Hurts Me to Leave; Hey Little Girl (Walking Down The Street).

CD 33 (Berlin, 1969)

Intro; Variation on Somebody's Acting Like a Child; Baby Child; Checkin' Up on My Baby; When I Lost My Baby Child; 2401; Treat Me This Way; Goin' Down The Road; Ready to Ride; Help Me Baby; When I See My Baby.

CD 34 (Bremen, 1969)

Got a Pretty Baby; Checkin' Up on My Baby; Parchman Farm; The Time Has Come; 2401.

CD 35 (Fillmore West, 1970)

Everybody Wants to Know; Band Intros; What’s The Matter with You; Travelling Man; I’ve Got to Be with You Tonight; Honey Hush.


John Mayall
Eric Clapton
guitar, electric
Peter Green
guitar, electric
Mick Taylor
Roger Dean
John Almond
Alan Skidmore
Ray Warleigh
saxophone, alto
Tony Reeves
bass, acoustic
Jack Bruce
bass, acoustic
Freddy Robinson
guitar, electric

Additional Personnel / Information

John Mayall vocals, lead vocals (CD1-3, CD4#1-9, CD4#10-11, CD5#1-9, CD5#11-17, CD6, CD7#1-2, CD7#4-9, CD7#11-14, CD8-23, CD24#1-5, CD24#7-9, CD25-34), keyboards, harmonica (CD1-5, CD7-34), guitar; Roger Dean: guitar (CD1, CD14#2, CD20#1-2); John McVie bass (CD1-4, CD5#1-12, CD6-8, CD14#1-2, CD14#4-8, CD20#1-4, CD20#6-11, CD27#1-23, CD28#1-2, CD29-31); Hughie Flint: drums (CD1-5, CD14#1-2, CD20#1-2, CD27#1-18); Eric Clapton guitar (CD2-5, CD14#3, CD18#1, CD18#3, CD18#5, CD18#8, CD18#10, CD19#1, CD19#5, CD19#10, CD19#12, CD27#1-4, CD27#10-18), lead vocals (CD4#10, CD5#10); Peter Green: guitar (CD6-7, CD14#4-8, CD14#10, CD20#4-11, CD27#19-23, CD28#1-2, CD29-30), vocals (CD7, CD20#4-11), lead vocals (CD7#3, CD7#10), steel guitar (CD14#11), harmonica (CD20#4-11); Aynsley Dunbar (CD6-7, CD14#4-6, CD20#4, CD20#6-11, CD27#19-23, CD28#1-2); Paul Butterfield: vocals (CD6), harmonica (CD6); John Almond: saxophone (CD7, CD15, CD18-19, CD35), flute (CD15, CD18-19, CD35), baritone saxophone (CD4#5, CD4#7, CD4#9, CD4#11, CD5#5, CD5#7, CD5#9, CD5#11); Alan Skidmore: saxophone (CD7#5, CD7#7, CD7#13), tenor saxophone (CD4#7, CD4#9, CD4#11, CD5#7, CD5#9, CD5#11); Ray Warleigh: wind instruments (CD7#5, CD7#7, CD7#13); Dennis Healy: trumpet (CD4#7, CD4#9, CD4#11, CD5#7, CD5#9, CD5#11); Mick Taylor: guitar (CD8, CD10-13, CD14#9, CD18#3, CD18#8, CD18#11-13, CD19#3, CD19#5, CD19#11, CD20#12-14, CD28#3-18, CD30, CD32-34); Keef Hartley (CD8-11, CD14#9, CD14#11, CD18-19, CD20#12, CD23-25, CD28#3-16, CD31); Chris Mercer: tenor saxophone (CD8, CD10-11, CD12#1-7, CD14#9, CD20#12-13, CD28#3- 16, CD31), baritone saxophone (CD10-11, CD12#1-7); Rip Kant: baritone saxophone (CD8, CD31); Keith Tillman: bass (CD10-11, CD28#3-11); Dick Heckstall-Smith: tenor saxophone (CD10-11, CD12#1-7, CD14#9, CD20#12-13), soprano saxophone (CD10-11, CD12#1-7, CD14#9, CD20#12), baritone saxophone (CD28#3-16); Tony Reeves: bass (CD12#1-7, CD20#13-14); Jon Hiseman: drums (CD12#1-7, CD20#13-14), percussion (CD12#1-7); Henry Lowther: cornet (CD12#1-7), violin (CD12#1-7), trumpet (CD20#13, CD28#12-15); Stephen Thompson: bass (CD12#8-9, CD13, CD16, CD18#11, CD28#17-18, CD32-34); Colin Allen: drums (CD12#8-9, CD13, CD28#17-18, CD32-34); Bernie Watson: guitar (CD14#1, CD20#3); Jack Bruce: bass (CD5#13-17, CD14#3, CD27#5-9); Paul Williams: bass (CD14#9, CD20#12R); Martin Hart: drums (CD14#1, CD20#3); Mick Fleetwood: drums (CD14#7-8, CD29-30); Jon Mark: guitar (CD15-16, CD35); Larry Taylor: bass (CD16#11, CD17, CD18#10, CD18#1-14, CD19-23, CD26); Harvey Mandel: guitar (CD17, CD18#2-4, CD18#7, CD18#10, CD18#13, CD19#1-2, CD19#5-6, CD19#8, ); Don "Sugarcane" Harris: violin (CD17-19, CD24-25); Jerry McGee: guitar (CD18#5, CD19#3, CD21); Paul Lagos: drums (CD18-19); Freddy Robinson: guitar (CD22-25), vocal (CD24#6); Ron Selico: percussion (CD22); Clifford Solomon: alto saxophone (CD22-23), tenor saxophone (CD22-23), flute (CD22); Blue Mitchell: trumpet (CD22-25); Freddie Jackson: tenor saxophone (CD23), baritone saxophone (CD23); Charles Owens: tenor saxophone (CD23), soprano saxophone (CD23), flute (CD23); Ernie Watts: tenor saxophone (CD23); Victor Gaskin: bass (CD23-25); Red Holloway: alto saxophone (CD24-26), tenor saxophone (CD24-26), flute (CD24-26); Hightide Harris: guitar (CD26); Randy Resnick: guitar (CD26); Soko Richardson: drums (CD26); Geoff Krivit: guitar (CD27#5-9); Andy Fraser: bass (CD28#12-15); Alex Dmochowski: bass (CD35); Dusty Bennett: drums (CD35).

Album Description

Super deluxe box set covering British blues icon John Mayall's first ten years of recording. All albums wonderfully remastered, many with bonus tracks, along with a comprehensive series of BBC recordings and additional live recordings. In Mayall's first decade he nurtured some of the UK's most important guitarists including Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Jon Mark and Peter Green, in addition to bassists including John McVie, Paul Williams and Jack Bruce, and drummers Mick Fleetwood, Keef Hartley and Aynsley Dunbar. He fleshed out some of his groups with some of the country's best-known reed and woodwind players like Ray Warleigh, Alan Skidmore, Dick Heckstall-Smith and John Almond, as well as trumpeter Henry Lowther.

Upon relocating the the USA, in addition to occasional collaborations with his British mates, Mayall would go onto record and/or tour with notable musicians including guitarists Freddy Robinson, Harvey Mandel, Jerry McGee and Randy Resnick, bassists Larry Taylor and Victor Gaskin, drummers Dusty Bennet and Soko Richardson, saxophonists/flautists Clifford Solomon, Charles Owens, Ernie Watts, Red Holloway, and violinist Don "Sugarcane" Harris.

In addition to Mayall's 19 studio and live albums (including a couple of compilations), The First Generation 1965-1974 also includes two singles from 1965 and 1966, a 1967 EP with harmonica player Paul Butterfield, two CDs of BBC sessions from 1964-1968, and seven live albums with sources ranging from cleaned up audience recordings to soundboards.

The First Generation 1965-1974 also includes a 12"x12" 168-page hardcover coffee table book with a lengthy biography (based on interviews across the years right through to recent times), plenty of photos, posters and more, and a detailed description of the CDs contained in the set. A second softcover book collects John Mayall Fan Club Newsletters from June 1968 to July 1970. Two large posters, the press kit for Mayall's 1965 debut album, the live John Mayall Plays John Mayall, and a signed picture of Mayall that acts as a certificated of authenticity flesh out this remarkable and comprehensive collection that the godfather of British blues has long deserved.

The First Generation 1965-1974 is limited to just 5,000 copies worldwide, and is the most detailed collection of music and more from Mayall, age 87 at the time of the set's release, and the first, perhaps most significant decade of his still-ongoing career.

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