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The Complete Arista Albums Collection

The Complete Arista Albums Collection by Brecker Brothers
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Brecker Brothers

Label: Legacy Recordings
Released: 2012
Views: 1,710

Track Listing

CD1 (The Brecker Bros.): Some Skunk Funk; Sponge; A Creature of Many Faces; Twilight; Sneakin' Up Behind You; Rocks; Levitate; Oh My Stars; D.B.B.

CD2 (Back to Back): Keep It Steady (Brecker Bump); If You Wanna Boogie…Forget It; Lovely Lady; Night Flight; Slick Stuff; Dig a Little Deeper; Grease Piece; What Can a Miracle Do; I Love Wasting' Time With You.

CD3 (Don't Stop the Music): Finger Lickin' Good; Funky Sea, Funky Dew; As Long as I've Got Your Love; Squids; Don't Stop the Music; Petals; Tabula Rasa.

CD4 (Heavy Metal Bebop): East River; Inside Out; Some Skunk Funk; Sponge; Funky Sea, Funky Dew; Squids.

CD5 (Détente): You Ga (Ta Give It); Not Tonight; Don't Get Funny With My Money; Tee'd Off; You Left Something Behind; Squish; Dream Theme; Baffled; I Don't Know Either.

CD6 (Straphangin'): Straphangin'; Threesome; Bathsheba; Jacknife; Why Can't I Be There; Not Ethiopia; Spreadeagle.

CD7 (Blue Montreux): Blue Montreux; Rocks; I'm Sorry; Magic Carpet; Buds; Floating; The Virgin and the Gypsy.

CD8 (Blue Montreux II): A Funky Waltz; Candles; Uptown Ed; Love Play; Cloud Motion.


Additional Personnel / Information

CD1 (The Brecker Bros.): Randy Brecker: trumpet, electric trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal (8); Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone; David Sanborn: alto saxophone; Don Grolnick: keyboards; Bob Mann: guitar; Will Lee: electric bass, vocal (5); Harvey Mason: drums; Ralph MacDonald: percussion; Christopher Parker: additional drums (5).

CD2 (Back to Back): Randy Brecker: trumpet, electric trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal (8); Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone, flute; David Sanborn: alto saxophone; Don Grolnick: keyboards; Steve Khan: guitar; Will Lee: electric bass, lead vocal, background vocals (9); Christopher Parker: drums; Ralph MacDonald: percussion; David Whitman: synthesizer programming; Luther Vandross: background vocals (1-3, 7, 9), background vocal arranger; Lew Del Gatto: baritone saxophone (2); Steve Gadd: drums (4, 9); Sammy Figueroa: percussion (4); Rafael Cruz: percussion (4); Dave Friedman: marimba (6); Patti Austin: background vocals (9); Allee Willis: background vocals (9); Robin Clark: background vocals (1-3, 7); Diane Sumler: background vocals (1-3, 7).

CD3 (Don't Stop the Music): Randy Brecker: trumpet, electric trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal (8); Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone, flute; David Sanborn: alto saxophone; Don Grolnick: keyboards; Steve Khan: electric guitar, 12-string guitar; Will Lee: electric bass, lead vocal, background vocals (1, 5); Christopher Parker: drums; Ralph MacDonald: percussion; Doug Riley: keyboards, horn and string arrangements; Christine Faith: background vocals (1, 5); Josh Brown: background vocals (1, 5); Doug Billard: background vocals (3); Beverly Billard: background vocals (3); Jerry Friedman: guitar (1), electric piano (5); Sandy Torano: guitar (1); Hiram Bullock: guitar (2- 4, 6); Steve Gadd: drums (4, 6); Lenny White: drums (7); Sammy Figueroa: congas (7). Horn Section: Alan Rubin: trumpet; Randy Brecker: trumpet; Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone; Lou Marini: alto saxophone; Lew Del Gatto: baritone saxophone; Barry Rogers: trombone; David Taylor: bass trombone. String Section: Aaron Rosand: violin; Guy Lumia: violin; Paul Gershman: violin; Harry Lookofsky: violin; Sanford Allen: violin; Ariana Bronne: violin; Harold Kohon: violin; Matthew Raimondi: violin;; Peter Dimitriades: violin; Lamar Alsop: viola; Richard Maximoff: viola; Alfred Brown: viola; Jesse Levy: cello; Richard Locker: cello.

CD4 (Heavy Metal Bebop): Randy Brecker:, electric trumpet, keyboards, handclaps (1); Michael Brecker: electric tenor saxophone, handclaps (1); Barry Finnerty: guitar, Guitarorganizer, background vocal; Neil Jason: bass, lead vocal (1); Terry Bozzio: drums, background vocal; Sammy Figueroa: percussion; Rafael Cruz: percussion; Paul Schaeffer: Fender Rhodes piano (1); Alan Schwartzberg: drums (1); Kash Monet: percussion (1), background vocal (1), handclaps (1); Victoria: tambourine (1); Jeff Schoen: background vocal; Roy Herring: background vocal; Bob Clearmountain: handclaps (1); various friends: handclaps (1).

CD5 (Détente): Randy Brecker: trumpet (1-9), lead vocal (1, 3), handclaps (1, 3), arrangement (1-6, 8), flugelhorn (2, 5, 8, 9), Prophet 5 (3); Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone (1- 9), flute (2, 5), handclaps (1, 3), arrangement (1-6, 7, 9); Don Grolnick: Yamaha CP70 (1, 2), Fender Rhodes electric piano (7); David Spinozza: guitar (1-3, 7); Jeff Mironov: guitar (1-3, 7); Marcus Miller: bass (1, 2, 7); Steve Gadd: drums (1-3, 7); Paulinho DaCosta: percussion (1, 3); George Duke: lead vocal (1), clavinet (2), background vocal (2), Yamaha CP 70 (3), Prophet 5 (4, 8, 9), Oberheim 4- Voice Polyphonic synthesizer (6); Carl Carlwell: lead vocal (1, 2), handclaps (1, 3), background vocal (2); D.J. Rogers: lead vocal (1), vocal adlib (1); Luther Vandross: background vocal (1, 3, 5), group vocal arrangement (3); Utlanda McCullough: background vocal (1, 3, 5); Fonzi Thornton: background vocal (1, 3, 5); Paulette McWilliams: background vocal (1, 3, 5); Irene Cara: background vocal (1, 3, 5); Sue Ann Carlwell: handclaps, background vocal (2); Erik "Igor" Zobler: handclaps (1); Neil Jason: bass (2, 4, 5, 8, 9); Ralph McDonald: percussion (2, 5, 7); Bill Reichenbach: handclaps (3); Mark Gray: Fender Rhodes electric piano (4-6, 8, 9); Hiram Bullock: guitar (4-6, 8), 9; Steve Jordan: drums (4-6, 8, 9); Airto: percussion (6, 8, 9).

CD6 (Straphangin'): Randy Brecker: trumpet, flugelhorn; Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone; Mark Gray: keyboards; Barry Finnerty: guitar; Marcus Miller: bass; Richie Morales; drums; Sammy Figueroa: percussion (1, 3, 4, 5, 7); Manolo Badrena: percussion (1, 3, 4, 5, 7); Don Alias: percussion (6); Neil Jason: bass (7); Steve Jordan: drums (7); Airto: percussion (7).

CD7 (Blue Montreux): Randy Brecker: trumpet (1-3, 5-7); Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone (1-6); Warren Bernhardt: piano (1, 3-7), Fender Rhodes electric piano (1), keyboards (2- 6); Mike Mainieri: vibes (1-4, 6, 7), synthe-vibe (4), percussion (1, 2, 5); Steve Khan: guitar (1-6), Larry Coryell: guitar (2); Tony Levin: bass (1-3, 5, 6), stick bass (4); Steve Jordan: drums (1-6).

CD8 (Blue Montreux II): Randy Brecker: trumpet (1, 5); Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone (1,3, 5), soprano saxophone (2); Warren Bernhardt: piano (3, 4), keyboards (1, 2, 4, 5), MiniMoog (4); Mike Mainieri: electric vibes (2-5), synthe-vibe (4), percussion (2); Steve Khan: electric guitar (1, 2, 4, 5), Larry Coryell: electric guitar (1); Tony Levin: electric bass (2, 4, 5), electric stick (1); Steve Jordan: drums; Eddie Gomez: acoustic bass (3).


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