Lina Allemano, Yaroslav Likhachev, Pauli Lyytinen and More

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This episode might be a week early, given that seven days later is International Jazz Day, but OMJ has been pretty international in scope for a long time now. Thirteen different countries are represented among the artists featured this week. E.g., Pauli Lyytinen's Magnetia Orkestri from Finland, saxophonist Yaroslav Likhachev from Siberia via Berlin, Peripheral Vision and trumpeter Lina Allemano both from Canada, two trios from Switzerland (pianist Marie Kruttli and Ramsch), Composers Orchestra Berlin, and from New York a super quartet of Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker and Gerald Cleaver. And more. You won't want to miss music from Irreversible Entanglements either. Tune in to this one!


  • Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna "Ecocracy" from There Is Still Life on Earth (BMC) 00:00
  • Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna "Kaapikkaat" from There Is Still Life on Earth (BMC) 05:55
  • Host speaks 12:44
  • Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkestri "Message from Utopia" from Hypnosis (Eclipse Music) 15:20
  • Enzo Favata "Naima" from The Out of Coltrane Project (Self-released) 22:35
  • Yaroslav Likhachev Quartet "The Fifth Mode" from Crumbling (Jazzhausmusik) 28:05
  • Host speaks 31:55
  • Yaroslav Likhachev Quartet "Crumbling" from Crumbling (Jazzhausmusik) 33:19
  • Andrea Scala "Out Here" from Coming Back, Leaving Again (Shifting Paradigm) 42:56
  • Steve Lacy, Brion Gysin "Blue Baboon" from Songs (HatArt) 48:12
  • Host speaks 53:04
  • Peripheral Vision "Schleudern" from Irrational Revelation & Mutual Humiliation (Self-released) 54:41
  • Kenny Warren Trio "Brain Phone Wired" from In The Heat (Whirlwind) 59:49
  • Host speaks 1:14:18
  • Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Gérald Cleaver "5837 1" from Welcome Adventure Vol. 1 (577 Records) 1:15:40
  • Dan Rosenboom "Mr. Lizard Said" from Absurd in the Anthropocene (Orenda) 1:28:42
  • Composers Orchestra Berlin "Belphegor" from Vanishing Points (Jazzhausmusik) 1:32:53
  • Host speaks 1:38:27
  • Ramsch "Prozession 2" from Carabattola (Jazzhausmusik) 1:40:18
  • Barry Long Quartet "Prayer for Passive Resistance" from Freedom Sounds (Self-released) 1:45:46
  • Host speaks 1:51:18
  • Nduduzo Makhathini "Umyalez oPhuthumayo" from Modes of Communication: Letters from the Underworld (Blue Note) 1:52:49
  • Peripheral Vision "Reconciliation Suite" from Irrational Revelation & Mutual Humiliation (Self-released) 1:59:05
  • Lina Allemano "Buchfink" from Glimmer Glammer (Lumo) 2:12:56
  • Host speaks 2:17:34
  • Lina Allemano & Ohrenschmaus "Gruener Schmaus" from Rats and Mice (Lumo) 2:18:41
  • Irreversible Entanglements "Bread Out of Stone" from Who Sent You? (International Anthem) 2:24:39
  • Irreversible Entanglements "The Code Noir/Amina" from Who Sent You? (International Anthem) 2:29:19
  • Andreas Roysum "Til Albert" from Andreas Røysum Ensemble (Motvind) 2:36:44
  • András Dés Rangers "Ghost Town" from Einschlieslich (BMC) 2:42:47
  • Host speaks 2:50:56
  • Marie Kruttli Trio "The Kind of Happy One" from The Kind of Happy One (QFTF) 2:53:06


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