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Shades of Colors, a new recording by Slovenian saxophonist Cene Resnik and his Trio Watch for Dogs puts the lie to the belief that there is no beauty in avant-garde or free jazz. There are some sublime moments in this recording as Resnik, Italian bassist Giovanni Maier and Slovenian percussionist Zlatko Kaučič create like master painters, finding little nooks and crannies to leave a pristine phrase, a broken note, or a fragile space. Highly recommended! Two masters of space and subtlety featured on Burning Meditation, a recording from 1974, re-released by NoBusiness Records, Wadada Leo Smith and Sabu Toyozumi are more proof of collective artistic craft. And Finland's Liberty Ship returns with a masterful album of fire, space and breath in this episode of One Man's Jazz.


  • Stéphane Kerecki "Palabre" from Houria (Zig Zag) 00:00
  • Beppe Scardino "Tre" from BP10 Live In Pisa (Auand) 05:22
  • Host speaks 13:47
  • Cene Resnik Trio Watch For Dogs "Zemlja Suite" from Shades of Colors (Not Two) 16:39
  • Cene Resnik Trio Watch for Dogs "Agitación Natural" from Shades of Colors (Not Two) 32:23
  • Oestetik "Radical" from Coincidence (Self-released) 36:45
  • Josh Sinton's Holus-Bolus Predicate Trio "Unreliable Mirrors" from Making Bones (Iluso) 41:54
  • Host speaks 50:58
  • John Zorn "Lonely Woman" from Naked City (Nonesuch) 52:24
  • John Zorn "Saigon Pickup" from Naked City (Nonesuch) 55:05
  • Steve Coleman "Djw" from Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 1-The Embedded Sets (Pi) 59:53
  • Host speaks 1:07:19
  • World's Experience Orchestra "Nine Degrees and Cold" from As Time Flows On (Now-Again) 1:09:13
  • Kamil Piotrowicz Sextet "Wesele (Wedding)" from Product Placement (Howard) 1:17:35
  • Enrique Haneine "Hidden Mirror" from The Mind's Mural (Elegant Walk) 1:22:02
  • Host speaks 1:28:01
  • Cale Brandley & Triptych Myth "Morning Star" from Finding Fire (Birdwatcher) 1:30:06
  • James Banner's Usine "Lewiston" from James Banner's Usine (Jazzhausmusik) 1:37:48
  • Jim Hobbs & The Fully Celebrated Orchestra "Ol'Lady Who" from Lapis Exilis (SkyCap) 1:43:02
  • Host speaks 1:49:21
  • Jones Jones "Night of the Living Jones" from A Jones in Time Saves Nine (NoBusiness) 1:51:29
  • Wet Electric "Everything There Is to Know" from Wet Electricity Vol. 1 (Self-released) 1:59:15
  • Host Speaks 2:04:03
  • Liberty Ship "Ring of Supposition" from Signal Horn (Eclipse Music) 2:05:51
  • Liberty Ship "Signal Horn" from Signal Horn (Eclipse Music) 2:12:39
  • Andrew Cyrille "TGD" from Lebroba (ECM) 2:18:02
  • Jorrit Dijkstra, Benoit Delbecq & John Hollenbeck "Edge" from Linger (Driff) 2:23:16
  • Host speaks 2:28:04
  • Jason Kao Hwang "Surge Part 1" from Blood (True Sound) 2:29:25
  • Jason Kao Hwang "Surge Part 2" from Blood (True Sound) 2:36:37
  • Liberty Ship "Everyman's Freedom" from Approaching (Eclipse Music ) 2:43:54
  • Host speaks 2:48:46
  • Wadada Leo Smith & Sabu Toyozumi "There Are Human Rights Blues" from Burning Meditation (NoBusiness) 2:50:26


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