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The State of Piano Playin' Jazz Singers 2009: Brenda Earle and John Proulx

C. Michael Bailey By

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There exists in jazz vocals a sub-specialty, those artists who regularly double on an instrument, most often the piano. There are many notable pianist/singers recording, including Patricia Barber, Dena DeRose, Patti Wicks, Harry Connick Jr., Peter Cincotti and Tony DeSare. That is a heady bunch, to be sure. Brenda Earle and John Proulx can now be added to this rich mix of talent.

Brenda Earle

Songs for a New Day

Self Produced


Canadian musician Brenda Earle brings a fresh perspective to jazz vocals with her self-produced debut recording Songs for a New Day. No mere regurgitation of standards, the album is intent on introducing new into the pool, such as the 2006 Keane recording, "Is it Any Wonder," and Crowded House's 1987 release, "Do Dream It's Over." Earle's Spanish proves impeccable on Marc Anthony's "Vali



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