The Ben Sidran Shuffle

Ludovico Granvassu By

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A discography that spans five-decades is hard to squeeze in a little more than an hour. To show the many stylistic sides of pianist, singer and composer (but also producer, musicologist, journalist, scholar and all-around jazz statesman) Ben Sidran, we have put together this playlist which shuffles back and forth between his early and late albums. If you're not yet familiar with his work do yourself a favor, press play on the player without hesitation, and soon you'll be on the lookout for his albums. If you're a long-time fan, here's a refresher to bring some joy back in these times of self-imposed seclusion.

Happy listening!


  • Ben Sidran "Poor Girl" Feel Your Groove (Capitol) 0:00
  • Ben Sidran "Highway 61 Revisited" Dylan Different (Nardis) 3:12
  • Ben Sidran "Now I Live (And Now My Life Is Done)" Puttin' in Time on Planet Earth (Blue Thumb) 6:24
  • Ben Sidran "We the People" We the People (Single) (Nardis) 14:53
  • Ben Sidran "Girl Talk" The Cat and the Hat (A&M) 18:24
  • Ben Sidran "Listen Here" Nick's Bump (Nardis) 21:14
  • Ben Sidran "The Funkasaurus" Ben There, Done That: Ben Sidran Live Around The World (1975-2015) (Sunset Blvd) 27:04
  • Ben Sidran "Picture Him Happy (Sisyphus Goes to Work)" Picture Him Happy (Nardis) 35:46
  • Ben Sidran "After Midnight" Free in America (Arista) 40:41
  • Ben Sidran "Don't Cry for No Hipster" Don't Cry for No Hipster (Nardis) 44:08
  • Ben Sidran "Steady Eddie" Old Songs for the New Depression (Antilles) 48:58
  • Ben Sidran "Willow Weep for Me" Get to the Point (Baybridge) 53:41
  • Ben Sidran "The King of Harlem" Blue Camus (Nardis) 57:17
  • Ben Sidran "The Glory of Love" Mr. P's Shuffle (Go Jazz) 1:02:01
  • Ben Sidran "I Don't Worry About a Thing" Live à Fip (Bonsaï Music) 1:04:25
  • Ben Sidran "Look Here" The Concert for García Lorca (Go Jazz) 1:11:08
  • Ben Sidran, Randy Brecker "I Remember Clifford" Live at Montreux (Arista) 1:14:39


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