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Label: Red Piano Records
Released: 2016
Track listing: Forever Interlude; Darkness with Light; Let There Be Darkness; Illumination; Seeing This; In the Undivided Darkness; Space; As a Dark Star; As in Night; Scales; Interlude.


Steve Grover: Variations

Read "Variations" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Sessant'anni, nativo del Maine, Steve Grover è qui alla testa del proprio quartetto (voce e piano trio), su cui s'innestano a turno i quattro fiati, generando cinque quintetti (senza la tromba e sempre con un solo sax) e sei sestetti (appunto con la tromba aggiunta a un unico sax alla volta). Il risultato è di una ...


Label: Pirouet Records
Released: 2011
Track listing: Variations On A Theme By Schumann I; Bluetude I; The Dervish Of Harlem I; Song For The Amiable Child I; Contrapunctus I; Rumi's View I; Countermyth I; Rhyming Game I; The Dervish Of Harlem II; Countermyth II; Langsam; The Long Line; Song For The Amiable Child II; Countermyth III; Variations On A Theme By Schumann II; Bluetude II; Rhyming Game II; Countermyth IV; Rumi's View II; Contrapunctus II; Song For The Amiable Child III; The Dervish Of Harlem III; Bluetude III; Variations On A Theme By Schumann III.


Kevin Hays: Variations

Read "Variations" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

When famed jazz scholar Gunther Schuller first coined the term “Thematic Improvisation," he wasn't introducing a new concept so much as shedding light on how jazz artists had come to use the age-old “Theme And Variations" format in their own sweet way. While nobody would argue that grand compositional gestures or outré improvisations from a master ...


Label: Naim Label
Released: 2010
Track listing: Island of the Sun; At the Right Moment; Branching Out; Start; Ascent; Variations on a Bad Day; Chunk; Please; The Unknown; Labyrinth.


Label: Naim Label
Released: 2010
Track listing: 01. Island of the Sun; 02. At the Right Moment; 03. Branching Out; 04. Start; 05. Ascent; 06. Variations on a Bad Day; 07. Chunk; 08. Please; 09. The Unknown; 10. Labyrinth.


Trichotomy: Variations

Read "Variations" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Viene dall'Australia questo interessante trio destinato a fare buone cose nel mondo del jazz. Tutte originali le composizioni interpretate con vivace verve ritmica, oscillando senza soluzione di continuità tra vari poli jazzistici senza mai omologare. Tra vigoroso swing e sirene minimaliste, il percorso pare portare l'improvvisazione jazzistica lungo territori più vasti sino a contenere echi di ...


Trichotomy: Variations

Read "Variations" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The Australian trio Trichotomy formed in 1999 and Variations, recorded in May 2007, is the group's third album--originally released in Australia under the band name Misinterprotato (Jazz Heads, 2008). The band describes itself on its website as a “contemporary music trio," which is “so much more than a traditional jazz trio"--a bold declaration, especially as the ...


Label: Ambrosie
Released: 2008
Track listing: Haydn: Andante & Variations in F minor, Hob. XVII:6 (Sonata - un piccolo divertimento); Rachmaninoff: Variations on a theme of Corelli, Op. 42; Berio: Cinque Variazioni (1952/1953


Vanessa Wagner: Variations

Read "Variations" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

As viewed through a jazz prism, what is a variation if not an improvisation written down? A transcription of Coleman Hawkin's famous 1939 recording of “Body and Soul" is no different than Bach's Goldberg Variations or Beethoven's Diabelli Variations. All examples present a theme and then melodic variations over the harmonic structure of the ...


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