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Jacob Sacks - Eivind Opsvik - Mat Maneri - Paul Motian: Two Miles a Day

Read "Two Miles a Day" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Potrei iniziare questa recensione raccontandovi di Jacob Sacks e Eivind Opsvik, l’uno pianista del Michigan e l’altro contrabbassista norvegese, e di come i due, davanti ad una tazza di caffé, abbiano deciso di invitare Paul Motian in sala d’incisione. Si potrebbe, poi, riferire della felice riuscita di quella session, alla quale ha partecipato anche la viola ...

Two Miles A Day

Label: Curling Legs
Released: 2007
Track listing: 1. Ha! (Sacks) - 2:39; 2. As We Know It (Opsvik) - 4:32; 3. Playing with Blocks (Sacks) - 4:25; 4. Two Miles a Day (Sacks/Maneri/Opsvik/Motian) - 5:49; 5. Evening Kites (Opsvik) - 3:16; 6. Bridge and Tunnel (Opsvik) - 4:28; 7. Funny Shoes (Sacks) - 4:21; 8. Gray Plaid (Sacks) - 3:30; 9. Simple Song (Sacks) - 6:33; 10. Twelve Days (Opsvik) - 5:19; 11. Savile Row (Opsvik) - 4:51.

Two Miles A Day

Label: Loyal Label
Released: 2007
Track listing: Ha!; As We Know It; Playing With Blocks; Two Miles A Day; Evening Kites; Bridge And Tunnel; Funny Shoes; Gray Plaid; Simple Song; Twelve Days; Savile Row.


Sacks/Opsvik/Maneri/Motian: Two Miles a Day

Read "Two Miles a Day" reviewed by Tom Greenland

Two Miles A Day is a recording date spearheaded by 'newbie' composer/performers Jacob Sacks (piano) and Eivind Opsvik (bass), ably abetted by downtown newjack-of-all-trades Mat Maneri (viola and violin) and interactive maestro Paul Motian (drums). An outing of structured volatility, it features the compositions of the co-leaders, rough templates for group interactivity and exploration.


Sacks/Opsvik/Maneri/Motian: Two Miles A Day

Read "Two Miles A Day" reviewed by Troy Collins

In early 2005, Michigan-born pianist Jacob Sacks and Norwegian bassist Eivind Opsvik discussed who, among the living legends of jazz they would most like to play with. They agreed unanimously--drummer Paul Motian. Plans were made, fellow Brooklyn resident violist Mat Maneri was recruited to join them, and Two Miles a Day was born. With ...


Sacks/Opsvik/Maneri/Motian: Two Miles A Day

Read "Two Miles A Day" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Ideas are seeds of invention and when progressive artists Eivind Opsvik (bass) and Jacob Sacks (piano) pondered how cool it would be to perform with master drummer Paul Motian, the idea for Two Miles A Day was planted. Violinist Mat Maneri was added to this fertile ground, and the result is a recording representing music that ...


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