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Tatá Güines

Tatá Güines, like many musical veterans who started playing professionally in the 1940s and 50s, a golden age for Cuban music, he found international fame in the 1990s at the end of the cold war, when some Cubans were allowed to travel. Most recent of his long career trajectory, Güines had played on “Lágrimas Negras” the 2003 flamenco-Cuban disc that saw émigré Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés and Spanish vocalist El Cigala win two Latin and five Spanish Grammies. Güines and Valdés' musical friendship dated back to the 1950s, when in a group with bassist Israel "Cachao" López they recorded what became Cachao's “Descargas” and Valdés' “Sabor de Cuba” albums. Although Güines was known as "el rey de los tambores" (king of the drums) a title that referenced his following of the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion, which speaks to its Orisha deities through drums, he began by playing the bongos


Dafnis Prieto: Cross-Cultural Mix

Read "Dafnis Prieto: Cross-Cultural Mix" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Dafnis Prieto is one of the leading drummers and composers of his generation. Forty-four years old and Cuban born, Prieto moved to jny: New York City in 1999. The early 2000's found Prieto employed as a sideman by several prominent musicians, including Eddie Palmieri, Michel Camilo, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Dave Samuels and Arturo O'Farrill. In the following ...


Dafnis Prieto: una miscela di culture

Read "Dafnis Prieto: una miscela di culture" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Dafnis Prieto è uno dei massimi batteristi e compositori della sua generazione. 44 anni, nato a Cuba, Prieto è emigrato nel 1999 a New York dove ha iniziato a collaborare con i massimi leader latini (Eddie Palmieri, Michel Camilo, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Arturo O'Farrill) e con esponenti d'avanguardia come Henry Threadgill e Steve Coleman. Dotato di una ...


Label: EGREM
Released: 2003


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